BU+ Program at ESSEC Business School

Sixense recently participated in the BU+ Program at ESSEC Business School from the 27th to the 31st of May. This comprehensive training program was designed to address our group’s challenges and core business areas, featuring insightful presentations from our leaders, including Manuel Peltier, General Manager of Soletanche Freyssinet. 


In addition to focusing on our core competencies, the program explored broader topics such as Marketing and Management, presented by esteemed professors from ESSEC. These sessions provided valuable insights and strategies to tackle complex business challenges. 


We were proud to have Ahmed Nada, the Country Manager of Sixense UAE, represent us during this enriching experience. The knowledge and perspectives gained from this program will undoubtedly contribute to our ongoing growth and success. 

From Sky to Data: Helimap’s High-Precision Mapping Solutions

Introducing Helimap, a member of the Sixense group revolutionizing LiDAR as well as photogrammetric data acquisition and processing services in Switzerland and beyond.


Using helicopters, drones, ultralights, or terrestrial vehicles, Helimap captures and processes your data, ensuring unparalleled precision and flexibility. With high flexibility, rapid deployment, and unlimited modularity, they can map terrains from all angles with high precision.  


Key Areas of Expertise:  

  • Corridor Mapping 
  • Oblique Mapping of Complex and Inaccessible Areas 
  • Mapping of Small and Medium Areas 
  • High Precision/Resolution
  • Thermal/NIR/Oblique/Panoramic Imaging 


Contact us today to discover the full spectrum of services Sixense Group can offer to your projects. 

Breathing New Life into Aging Water Tanks

Time takes a toll on everything. We recently encountered a critical situation with 43-year-old water tanks, built in the 20th century, showing severe defects in key areas such as ring beams, periphery walls, and access shafts.

Immediate action was required to ensure structural integrity.


For this project, our team of specialists meticulously planned a comprehensive restoration strategy and performed a range of tasks, from general visual inspection, and confirmation of as-built elements with design drawings, to extensive sites and laboratory tests. 


Some key figures: 

  • 8 compressive strength tests 
  • 8 tensile splitting strength tests 
  • 74 UPV tests 
  • 74 rebound hammer tests 


At Sixense, we’re passionate about delivering exceptional results on every project. We ensure structural integrity and safety, breathing new life into aging infrastructure.  

Sixense Middle East: Leading the Charge in On-Site Security

At Sixense Middle East, we’re committed to prioritizing on-site security. As Safety Days 2024 approaches, we’re gearing up to reinforce our dedication to safety within our organization. 


During Safety Days 2024, taking place from May 27th to June 1st, our team will participate in initiatives aimed at heightening awareness about on-site security best practices. We’re excited to attend a webinar to discuss crucial topics like “Work at Height” and “Electricity”. These discussions will equip us with invaluable insights to further enhance our safety protocols. 


Our journey toward enhancing on-site security is a continuous one, and Safety Days 2024 provide an ideal platform for us to reaffirm our commitment to safety.  

Expertise in Basement Condition Assessment: Mitigating Water Leakage and Infiltration

It’s crucial for asset owners and building maintenance contractors to prioritize the assessment of basement conditions. At Sixense, we understand the importance of safeguarding infrastructures against water damage, and we’re here to help. 


Our comprehensive condition assessment services are tailored to address issues such as water leakages and infiltration in basements. With years of experience and a multidisciplinary approach, we provide asset owners with invaluable insights to protect their investments. 


Our methodology encompasses a range of techniques, including visual inspections, non-destructive and destructive tests, as well as laboratory analyses. This meticulous process enables us to identify defects accurately and offer precise recommendations for repair. 


By choosing Sixense, you’re not just investing in a service – you’re partnering with a team dedicated to ensuring the longevity and resilience of your infrastructure. Let’s work together to mitigate risks and secure a sustainable future. 

Method Cyljet

Discover Cyljet, our exclusive solution dedicated to Jet Grouting works.
Jet Grouting works involve injecting a high-energy kinetic jet of cement grout to from columns of soil-cement mix. To optimize these works, our team of geophysicists has developed a non-destructive method named Cyljet.


🔎Jet Grouting works involve injecting a high-energy kinetic jet of cement grout to form columns of soil-cement mix. To optimize these works, our team of geophysicists has developed a non-destructive method named Cyljet. 


This patented geophysical solution addresses three challenges:
➡ Quickly control the dimension of the columns (within 24 hours)
➡ Use only the strictly necessary quantities of materials
➡Optimize the costs and schedule of your construction sites



👉How does Cyljet work?
Cyljet allows in-situ control of the column dimensions following their construction. The solution is based on the Electric Cylinder® method, which enables a 3D electrical investigation around the column. A measuring cable is installed at the core of the column and records the potential differences generated by an induced electric current. The processing and modeling of the recorded data in the columns allow establishing the shape of the constructed column.



➕ Cyljet is a unique method that eliminates the need for coring.

It has been used by our geophysics experts in France, particularly for the renovation of the RER C, the Grand Paris metro works. It has been used as well as on numerous international construction sites like soil consolidation projects such as at Lake Nyos in Cameroon, tunnel or metro projects in New York and San Francisco in the United States, Vancouver in Canada, and Melbourne in Australia.

Translating Success: Sixense’s Expertise in Metro Construction

Construction work on Porto’s seventh metro line began in 2021. Commissioning is scheduled for late 2024.  🚧 🚉


The new line comprises a 3 km-long tunnel built using traditional methods and 4 underground stations. It passes through Porto’s historic city center, requiring continuous monitoring to keep the impact of the work under control. The monitoring contract was awarded to Sixense by the Ferrovial / ACA consortium in 2021 for 30 months.


✅ Since the start of the underground work, Sixense has set up a monitoring system to follow the impact of the work: tunnelling and underground stations construction in a dense urban environment with many old and sensitive buildings.


🔎 Our monitoring system comprises:

– 45 Cyclops, an automatic topography system along the entire line, with over 2,000 measurement points
– More than 350 geotechnical, structural and hydrological sensors: piezometers, inclinometers, crackmeters, etc.


Our instruments monitor ground and building movements, with data available at any time on our monitoring platform. Automatic alarms are also sent when predefined thresholds are exceeded, helping project engineers in decision making.

Bending the River

Check out this remarkable execution with our Beyond Monitoring tool in Los Angeles!


“Bending the River” is an infrastructural artwork showcasing water’s social impact.

Sixense Northern America ensured project success with our displacement monitoring program. Solar-powered Automatic Total Stations provided continuous monitoring data through Beyond Monitoring, ensuring near-real-time insights.


[Monitoring project – USA] – Real-time monitoring during trenchless tunnelling in Los Angeles


Bending the River is an infrastructural artwork that utilizes Los Angeles’s first water commons and demonstrates how the currency of water can create social capital and serve social needs. A percentage of water will be redirected through a diversion vitrified clay pipe running under the railway tracks to Metabolic Studio where the water will be lifted into a treatment wetland comprised of native plants. The regenerated water will then be distributed to a network of public parks.


Sixense Northern America was hired to carry out the displacement monitoring program that controls the potential impact of the trenchless operations on the ground, in adjacent structures, and Metrolink’s rail tracks. Two solar-powered Automatic Total Stations (ATS) were installed to continuously monitor arrays of reflectors (prisms) installed along the alignment of the 1 m diameter and 49-meter-long tunnel. The monitoring data was delivered in near-real-time through our web platform Beyond Monitoring, including automatic alerts triggered if any of the threshold values were exceeded.


🌟 Reflecting on an Incredible Team Iftar Event! 🌙✨ 


Last month, our team came together for a heartwarming Iftar event that truly captured the spirit of Ramadan. It was wonderful to gather Menard, our sister company, at Jumeirah Beach Hotel to break our fast together and share in the blessings of this sacred month. 


The evening was filled with laughter, joy, and the sharing of delicious food. It was a time to strengthen our bonds, connect with one another, and appreciate the unity that defines our team. 


Here’s to many more moments of unity and celebration together!

Ensuring Precision and Safety

Our team recently completed a project involving the construction of a ramp above an underpass on the strategic Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Street, in Qasr al Bahr, Abu Dhabi.


At Sixense, we don’t just sell solutions – we offer complete and personalized assistance, to prioritize and address your needs and concerns with care.


Here is a glimpse into what our work covered:

  • Pre-condition Survey: Before the construction of the ramp, our experts conducted a comprehensive visual inspection of the underpass to assess its condition and identify any potential challenges.


  • Displacement Monitoring: During the construction of the ramp, we carefully monitored the movement of the underpass in 3D, using 68 Nos. of optical target prisms and 2 automatic total stations, ensuring precision and accuracy at every stage.


  • Post-condition Survey: Upon the ramp’s completion, we conducted a thorough post-condition survey to confirm the underpass’ structural integrity and ensure compliance with safety standards.


Working with Sixense means choosing a partner fully engaged throughout the entire lifecycle of your project.

Pioneering Dam Management

Dams play a crucial role in providing us with reliable and sustainable energy. However, effective monitoring is absolutely essential to ensure their safety and functionality. Over the years, as one of the leaders in dam management, Sixense has developed solutions specifically tailored for these critical structures.



Our expertise extends to structural, geotechnical, and hydrogeological monitoring, covering both short-term missions and long-term structural assessments. Leveraging innovative methods such as InSAR satellites, we can provide unmatched insights into the health and performance of dams throughout their lifecycle. 



Through detailed condition assessments, including non-destructive and destructive testing, and laboratory analysis, we ensure a complete understanding of dam structures. Embracing innovation, our services also include drones, to reach the most inaccessible areas with precision and efficiency. 



Effective decision-making relies on centralized and clear data. Our ‘Beyond’ digital solution offers a new approach to data management. “Beyond Monitoring” offers real-time management of all recorded data, while “Beyond Asset” helps you streamline processes such as inventory management and maintenance planning simultaneously.  


At Sixense, safety, reliability, and efficiency are our top priorities in every project. That’s why we design comprehensive suites of solutions to fully empower our clients and unlock the full potential of their most critical assets. 

Oppio method

[Wind Power] – Helping you optimize the locations of wind turbines according to acoustic and spatial constraints.


This solution is based on the simultaneous optimization of operating modes and positions of wind turbines, in order to limit the loss of electricity production while taking regulatory constraints into account.


👉 How does our Oppio method work?
In the upstream phase, for wind farm developers, we model the project taking into account various data: the location of wind turbines as well as their acoustic and electrical power characteristics.
The aim of the method is to find the optimum layout to minimize production losses, while taking account of regulatory acoustic constraints🔊


Numerical simulations are carried out to compare with the acoustic baseline (initial noise before the wind turbines are installed) and enable the calculation of a curtailment plan of the wind farm.


The Oppio method is an algorithm that seeks to optimize several factors: the wind farm’s operating modes and the position of the machines. For projects where acoustic losses are initially high, Oppio can save up to 3% in night-time productivity and 1% in cumulative day/night productivity.


With Oppio we help you:
✅ Search for optimum operating modes of the wind farm in compliance with acoustic regulations

✅ Find the optimum wind turbine locations using our algorithm.

Quiz Night

Last week, Sixense was out!


Sixense team joined the Warehouse Restaurant at Le Meridien Hotel for a quiz night!


​​​​​​​Warm thank you to Farid Rached and Danna Murillo for organizing such a fun evening with a crazy contest that tested our Sixense knowledge, music, general culture…


After a heated battle, we are thrilled to announce the winning team composed of Jean Christophe Monneret, Ahmed Ebrahim, Sayeed Shaikh and Sanal Sankar.

They received an amazing voucher for their efforts.



Football tournament

Last week, Sixense was invited to participate to the Freyssinet Middle East inter company football championship.

This journey was about coming together as a team, building bonds, and creating unforgettable memories with Menard , Freyssinet Dubai Group and Reinforced Earth!


Thank you Freyssinet Middle East and Esther for organizing this memorable event! 


Congratulations to MENARD team for winning the tournament with an incredible performance on the field. It showcased the power of collaboration and perseverance. 


Congratulations also to our very own Farid, for winning the tournament’s best player medal for the second time in a row. 


A massive shoutout to our amazing players who displayed incredible teamwork, resilience, and sportsmanship throughout the tournament: 


Silviu Dobroiu 

Moustafa Elsisy 

Farid Rached 

Melhem Abi Warde 

Khaled Abduo 

Ahmed Ebrahim 

Kamal Tahri 

Raymond Serhal 

Paul Montagne 


Your dedication and spirit truly embody the essence of teamwork and camaraderie.

Condition Assessment

As part of our corporate mission at Sixense, we support our customers throughout the entire lifecycle of their buildings and prioritize the critical importance of assessing durability and life expectancy in the face of the UAE’s challenging environmental conditions.


High ambient temperatures, salt-contaminated dust, and exposure to seawater significantly impact the lifespan of your infrastructure. Understanding these factors is crucial for keeping your projects secure and long-lasting. It’s also a matter of smart economics, as it helps reduce both direct and indirect repair costs.  


Consider the ripple effect of repairing a bridge: closures, traffic diversions, disruption of the economy and daily life, creating a final impact beyond material and labor expenses. When a structure is too damaged, dismantling costs also emphasize the importance of proactive maintenance and long-term assessment.  


Our methodology includes visual inspections, site surveys using destructive and non-destructive testing techniques, and laboratory analysis. Results are then analyzed to determine the structure’s remaining service life and provide you with actionable insights. 


Take Action: Visit our website to learn how Sixense’s expertise can empower your team to make informed decisions and optimize the performance of your assets.  


Let’s build a sustainable future together!

Annual Party 2024

Thank Menard Middle East for organizing a truly unforgettable New Year celebration at Mediterraneo Restaurant, Armani Hotel. Our Annual Team Event was a wonderful opportunity to honor the hard work and dedication of all our associates and to announce our 2023 Employee of the Year: Henaan Cherukad and to congratulate Vishnukumar Pillai for his Outstanding Safety Performance.


It is with great pride that we recognize Henaan Cherukad and  Vishnukumar Pillai for their outstanding contributions to our team, and we are grateful to have them as a part of our organization. 


Congratulations to Henaan Cherukad and Vishnukumar Pillai on these well-deserved recognitions. 

Beltway Project

[Award Winning Project – USA] – Continuous monitoring during highway improvement works in Virginia


The Transform 66 Outside of the Beltway Project was recently named the Best Road, Bridge, or Tunnel Project at the 2023 P3 Awards. 🏆


Sixense Northern America played an important role in this massive undertaking, which aimed to revitalise Northern Virginia’s Interstate 66. 🛣 Our experts designed a monitoring system that measured the track movement, highway settlement, and movement on various other structures during drilling shaft activities, utility installations, and retaining wall construction. 🚧


🔎 The teams implemented instrumentation on twenty different sites along the project, all with distinctive challenges that required innovative ideas on installation. For example, we utilised solar panels on the systems since continuous power was unavailable. Additionally, our automated monitoring system delivered measurements 24/7 that were critical in identifying different movements and displacements that allowed mitigation plans to be executed quickly.


It’s an honor to be a part of projects that are acknowledged for their achievements and improve the lives of many. Transform 66 promises to reduce traffic congestion, improve safety, and provide commuters with more predictable travel times. Big kudos to all the other stakeholders who worked tirelessly to make it happen! 🤝


At Sixense, we support asset owners with our extensive drone expertise.


Drones have the potential to revolutionize a wide range of applications, from assets and risk management to construction and consulting.

They simplify structure inspection, data collection, and provide accurate diagnoses and recommendations.


· Inspection: Drones enable us to access remote areas to complete an accurate assessment and operate more quickly afterward if needed.


· Digitization: Digitizing your assets is an essential step in every project. With the mapping function of our drones, we can recreate a 3D high-quality digitalized image of your infrastructure or land (topographic survey) in a short amount of time.


At Sixense, we have extensive experience using these technologies enabling our clients to:


💰 Save time and money on large-scale projects the data collection and processing


🔎 Enhance operators’ safety in remote or hard-to-reach areas


🛡️ Improve the data accuracy to formulate the ideal solutions for your specific needs.


Do you picture how drones could change the way you manage your assets?

Introducing UPUS® for Effortless Structural Evaluation

At Sixense, we are dedicated to innovation. Our solution, UPUS®, accurately measures loads and stresses in cable-stayed and prestressed structures.

Key features:


Verification of the Structural Reinforcement: UPUS® verifies the acceptance of structural reinforcement or assembly brought by prestressing bars to limit critical structural hazards.


Remarkable Accuracy: With UPUS®, we can achieve a measurement accuracy 10 times better than traditional methods.


🌍Why UPUS?

UPUS® operates without heavy equipment, making the process more efficient and cost-effective. It not only provides real-time stress and strain measurements but also detects hidden defects, such as age-related corrosion and other failures, before they become visible. This proactive approach empowers engineers and managers to take preventive actions.


Choose UPUS® by Sixense for precision, efficiency, and unparalleled structural insight powered by our longstanding passion for innovation.

Successful Project near Jebel Ali Area

We are excited to share details about a remarkable project our teams recently completed in the south of Dubai, close to the area of Jebel Ali.


The primary objective of this project was to establish an efficient and reliable sewerage system, connecting the developed communities of the Jebel Ali area to the networks of the Dubai municipality.


One of the notable challenges was that one of the sewer lines was crossing above the existing metro line. To ensure seamless execution, Sixense was entrusted with a comprehensive instrumentation and monitoring campaign for the metro tunnel. Our teams diligently measured settlements, tracked 3D movements, and monitored vibrations, guaranteeing total safety along the project.


Sixense also conducted pre- and post-construction dilapidation surveys, including a detailed visual inspection and a thorough condition assessment of the metro tunnel’s interior. Our objective was to document and report any existing cracks and damages, allowing us to maintain a complete understanding of its condition at all times.


To accomplish these tasks with precision, we employed cutting-edge tools and technologies. The CYCLOP system, a powerful combination of Total Station and Optical Targets, played a crucial role in our surveying efforts. Additionally, we also used movement gauges and vibration units to capture accurate data and monitor the project with precision.


The success of this project is due to our team’s unique dedication and expertise. Moving forward, we remain committed and excited to further our contribution to the growth and development of Dubai’s infrastructure. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on our ongoing projects!

Monitoring your Infrastructures from Space

In today’s world, managing infrastructures with precision, efficiency, and safety is crucial. Atlas InSAR, harnesses radar satellite images to create millions of measurement points, meeting your construction and maintenance needs across all the phases of your projects.



Developed in 2004 to address ground deformation and structural stability complexities, Atlas InSAR is in constant development, keeping pace with technological innovation and new capabilities.


This satellite-based remote sensing solution captures millimeter-level ground motion without on-site intervention, providing wide terrain behavior maps and detailed structural analyses.



With Atlas InSAR, our teams can meticulously track accumulated displacement and deformation for each point, offering insightful retrospectives and real-time updates through an intuitive interface.


Our platform transforms data into tailored and actionable insights using advanced analytics. Enjoy direct and comprehensive control over your different assets.



With over 700 engineers globally dedicated to construction and decade-long expertise in satellite radar data, we offer an unmatched understanding of the field. Committed to innovation, we adapt to the latest satellite tech, ensuring a safer, more efficient future for your projects!


Beyond precision, our non-intrusive solutions, experience, and commitment to innovation are what sets Sixense apart. Join us on this thrilling journey towards smarter monitoring!

Project Management Training in France

Sixense organized a specialized training program in France. This intensive training is designed to empower our current project engineers and propel them into their next careers as project managers.

With a strong emphasis on safety and quality, in line with our group’s top priorities, the agenda covered key aspects such as security, project managers’ mission, safety at work, and specialized sessions on contract management, CSR, and reporting.

Representing the UAE, we were happy to have Melhem Abi Warde and Ahmed Ebrahim joining this program, alongside Mohamad Qasim from KSA.

Beyond sharpening our employees’ expertise, this gathering aims to strengthen the bonds within the Sixense family. It’s not just about knowledge enhancement; it’s also an opportunity for our teams to reconnect, share insights, deepen their understanding of the company’s developments, and stay up to date with international standards.

Here’s to a transformative experience that went beyond professional growth: a chance for us to gather, learn, and build Sixense’s future together!

Reflection on 2023

As the end of the year approaches, we would like to take a moment to pause and reflect on our journey together in 2023. Despite a challenging environment, we’ll end the year positively, with achievements that have solidified our teams and strengthened our commitment to excellence.



  • Our team: Our talented and diverse team will drive our vision forward!
  • Our geographical reach: Beyond UAE and KSA, we’ve expanded to Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, India, and Egypt!
  • Our sectors of expertise: In 2023, Sixense ventured into new sectors, like nuclear, mining, and hydro, broadening our impact and unlocking new opportunities.



We are proud to have successfully completed a major project in the Oil and Gas sector, demonstrating our commitment to excellence.



At Sixense, we believe in the continuous growth of our greatest asset: our people. We’ve continued to organize trainings to empower our employees with skills to boost their careers.


As we bid farewell to 2023, we would like to thank our incredible team, clients, and partners for their growth, resilience, and trust!

Freyssinet Football Tournament 2023

Cultivating Team Spirit on the Field!

At Sixense, we firmly believe that fostering an innovative work environment goes hand in hand with nurturing a vibrant and engaging community. That’s why, we brought our team for a friendly football tournament with our sister companies.

Last week, colleagues from Sixense and Freyssinet Middle East came together for a sportive day.

Congratulations to Reco Dubai, for winning the tournament, and to our very own Farid Rached, for winning Best Player of the tournament!

The tournament was a blast from start to finish, we want to thank Freyssinet Middle East for inviting us, and turning this day into a memorable moment of festivity filled with laughter and an unbreakable sense of community.

Together, we take great pride in showing that it’s more than work here; it’s a true team.

⚽️ Meet the players who represented Sixense!
●       Raymond Serhal
●       Moustafa Elsisy
●       Farid Rached
●       Silviu Dobroiu
●       khaled abduo
●       Ahmed Ebrahim
●       Melhem Abi Warde
●       Kamal Tahri

Unlocking Opportunities in India

Ahmed Nada and Mirella Khalil had a fruitful stay in India.

They attended the Club Pivot meeting on October 30th, 2023, at the Freyssinet Bangalore HQ. This regular gathering aims to encourage discussion and collaboration between entities of the Vinci Group.

Each entity gave a brief presentation on their current projects, activities, and clientele, before engaging in networking sessions. It was a good opportunity to strengthen our network and explore market opportunities!

In fact, Mirella and Ahmed stayed a few extra days in the country after that event, a great occasion to explore the market. Stay tuned!

We Completed the IOSH’s Training!

We completed the IOSH training!

On the 10th and 12th of October, Ahmed Ali, conducted the third batch of Risk Assessment and IOSH Managing Safely trainings for Soletanche Freyssinet Middle East.

Melhem Abi Warde, khaled abduo, Razi Ahammed, and Moustafa Elsisy from Sixense attended a range of modules covering effective safety management, risk assessment, and control to understanding responsibilities, investigating incidents, and measuring safety performances.

Congratulations to all participants for taking these important steps towards a safer, more secure, ever-changing work environment!

Empowering Tomorrow’s Infrastructures: Introducing EverSense

At Sixense, we’re improving how stay-cabled and prestressed concrete structures are monitored and managed.

Discover EverSense, a solution that continuously monitors the health and performance of your structures by seamlessly processing automated measurements and creating indicators that meet your needs.

Through a wide range of technologies (acoustic and ultrasonic sensors, radar and laser measurement solutions… and InSAR satellites), EverSense protects critical stay-cabled and prestressed concrete infrastructures around the world, such as bridges, offshore platforms, wind turbines, and nuclear facilities.

With an operating rate of 99% in EverSense systems installed for over a decade, our solution guarantees long-lasting peace of mind. Sixense’s team of experts will know how to create tailored monitoring programs, whether you are dealing with corrosion, scouring risk, or aging structures.

You’re not just investing in technology; you’re investing in proactive decision-making:

  • Always be aware of the status of your structures in real-time
  • Anticipate and optimize maintenance
  • Mitigate risk for safer operations
  • Extend the service life of your structures

Experience the transformative power of EverSense and let our teams take your structural monitoring to new heights.

Your infrastructure deserves nothing less.

Kiplin Challenge

Our teams from Soletanche Freyssinet – Freyssinet, Menard, Sixense, and Nuvia embarked on the 25th of September on a 3-week exciting fitness journey, our very own Kiplin Challenge!

The mission? To walk, run, bike, and keep on moving!


Thank you to our representatives from Sixense ME, Raymond Serhal, Moustafa Elsisy, Ahmed Nada, Farid Rached, and Melhem Abi Warde. Congratulations on their incredible efforts in participating in the challenge!


Stay tuned, encourage them, and let’s see who the winning team will be!

Pink October

Pink October is not just a month!
This is why the Soletanche Freyssinet Group and Sixense ME organized a webinar on Breast Cancer Awareness on the 2nd of October in partnership with Valiant Clinic & Hospital and AES health.

Dr. Tugan Tezcaner covered:

  • Risk Factor
  • Symptoms
  • Importance of early detection
  • Treatment options
  • Healthy lifestyle choices

to empower attendees and give them a deeper understanding of Breast Cancer


ADIPEC 2023 – Decarbonising. Faster. Together.

ADIPEC 2023 draws attention to collective action for a cleaner and more sustainable energy future.

Ahmed Nada (Country Manager), Mirella Khalil, and Moustapha Elsisy (Commercial Engineer) will be at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre to meet with local oil & gas actors and explore advanced decarbonization strategies.

Paving the way for safer mining in Egypt

Last month, Sixense signed a decisive agreement, furthering our commitment to enhance safety and efficiency within the mining operations in Egypt and its surrounding regions.

Egypt, with its rich mining history and abundant resources, aspires to increase the mining industry’s contribution to its economy in the coming years. In this context, Sixense ME has strategically partnered with NADA Corporation and the Egyptian National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics to amplify local awareness regarding monitoring and risk assessment.


Our joint mission is to provide comprehensive training, cutting-edge tools, and applications to empower local contractors and enhance safety standards within the sector. The program’s participants are expected to apply their learnings across more than ten mines nationwide.


At Sixense ME, we firmly believe that knowledge sharing is not merely commendable; it serves as a catalyst for change. It empowers our partners to prioritize safety, achieve cost savings, and enhance operational efficiency.


Our best technologies, including CYCLOPS for 3D movement measurements, 4D Bloc for real-time deformation monitoring, and InSar satellite technology for displacement monitoring, integrated within our Geoscope system, will be at the heart of this endeavor.


In collaboration with our partners, Sixense ME is ready to support the future of the mining industry in Egypt by fostering a safer, more efficient, and sustainable industry.


Pika: the geological monitoring solution for mines, tunnels & natural heritage

Why digitalise geological monitoring?

👉 To optimise your worksite’s operational performance and reduce costs!

With this in mind, Sixense has developed Pika, a solution which allows you to:

✔ Have a photogrammetric solution for accurate, fast 2D and 3D reconstruction to make the right decisions on the worksite

✔ Master geological data to easily manage, share, centralise and archive project data through a collaborative Web interface
✔ Exhaustively monitor geological features over time
✔ Have specific tools to the world of geology to conduct analyses
✔ Have a safe and fast alternative to manual surveys to limit human intervention in high-risk areas
✔ Harmonise working methods between the different actors to standardise methods and know-how


Make the subsurface visible and control risks through 3D imaging.

We have developed an applied #geophysics solution related to civil engineering issues in order to limit the risks associated with the subsoil called Sissterra®.

This internal turnkey passive seismic solution helps to:
– Consolidate the geological model and controlling associated risks.
– Optimize underground work progress: anticipation and adjustment of construction methods.
– Optimize the costs of soil improvement work: delimitation of the areas to be treated and treatments evaluations.

How does Sissterra® work?
Thanks to a network of so-called “autonomous” sensors (wireless and operating by battery), deployed by our technicians / engineers, we record ambient vibrations produced by anthropogenic activity (seismic background noise), especially in constrained environments such as industrial zones, city centers or over old quarries.

These sensors are easily and rapidly deployed due to their design. They record the ambient vibrations to allow a detailed analysis of the content in terms of seismic wave. The large volume of data goes through a complex data processing and thus makes it possible to deliver a 3D imagery of the subsoil to the clients and accompany them in interpretation.

To date, Sissterra® has been deployed on various projects:
– Optimization of underground tunnel boring works (Grand Paris Express)
– Subsurface Risk Management in Constrained Industrial Environments
– Seismic hazard management and assistance in defining the foundation system for the installation of sensitive buildings.

Build’ Health

Follow-up of structures state of health by vibration monitoring

Sixense’s Build’Health solution has been developed to meet the needs of builders, owners and managers of buildings:

– Monitor the health of buildings throughout their lifespan
– Quickly estimate the level of damage suffered by buildings after an event (works, accident, earthquake)
– Optimize risk management during urban construction projects

Build’Health adapts to your needs:

Our solution can be used on a manual basis, for example annually.
For the most sensitive structures, Build’Health works automatically and continuously with an alarm triggered in case of building degradation. Indeed, a few minutes per building are enough and the comparison of successive measurements allows to detect any damage.

The benefits of Build’Health:

– Simple, global, non-destructive and non-intrusive method
– Reliable mathematical indicator of the overall health of a structure, independently from visual analysis
– Determination of strategic information for the management of a property portfolio, building insurance or real estate investments
– Help in the analysis of the conditions of safe access to a structure after an accident, a fire or an earthquake
– Assistance in preventive measures and analysis of the impact of works

Instrumentation and Monitoring Applications for Risks and Costs Control in the Mining Sector

Our Country Manager, Ahmed Nada, and our Business Developer, Mirella Khalil, will be presenting a seminar about instrumentation and monitoring applications for risks and costs control in the mining sector for the National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics. The event will take place on the 21st of August 2023 in the Westin Cario Golf Resort Katameya Dunes.

Seminar Recap: United by Inspiration

Sixense recently held its highly anticipated annual seminar in Le Touquet, a picturesque coastal town in northern France. This special gathering brought together 50 Sixense executives and managers, creating a perfect environment for enriching discussions, networking opportunities, and reinforcing our commitment to excellence.

These seminars serve as a platform for Sixense to embrace our international presence and seize the opportunity to strengthen our global connections further. They enable us to drive collaborative efforts worldwide while sharing projects, synergies, and best practices.

Throughout the seminar, our teams had the chance to engage in insightful conversations and get closer. We extend a special thank you to @Farid Rached, our Engineering Division Manager at Sixense Middle East, for organizing a memorable and engaging quiz night event mixing questions about music, general culture, and Sixense technical points!

We look forward to building upon the collaborative spirit and valuable connections fostered during these few days in France!


Introducing 4DBloc – a GNSS-based deformation monitoring sensor, providing real-time monitoring of ground surfaces and built structures.

A simple and economical deformation monitoring system:

4DBloc is a small, rugged, single-frequency GNSS receiver designed to be deployed on the field with multiple devices connected to a network.

It is a robust system with a small footprint and low power consumption, that requires no regular maintenance.

How does 4DBloc work?

The principle is to keep one 4DBloc fixed in its coordinates at a known and stable location (known as base station) while other 4DBloc are installed in the monitoring zone.

Fully automated and connected to our Beyond Monitoring web platform, the 4DBloc network records and transmits in real-time its 3D coordinates providing information on the structure, surfaces, or sub-surface deformation.

4DBloc applications include:

– Transport infrastructure: bridges, rails, roads, etc.
– Hydraulic infrastructure: dams, dykes, harbours, etc.
– Landslides
– Reclamation works, mines etc.

4DShape – 3D continuous linear inclinometer

4DShape – 3D continuous linear inclinometer

A compact and adaptable monitoring solution:

4DShape is composed of a flexible chain of high precision 3D inclinometers with integration of deformations. It is a solution allowing monitoring of millimetric movements continually and automatically in soils and on structures.

4DShape offers:

– a compact monitoring solution to observe in real-time 3D deformation of soil and structures
– reliable and precise measurements to understand structural behaviour

4DShape has many different applications:

– Automated measurements of boreholes (automatic vertical profiles)
– Convergence measurements of tunnels and galleries
– Settlement measurements along horizontal profiles (embankments, rail tracks, etc.)
– Deformation measurements of vertical structures (walls, columns, etc.)

Benefits and added value of 4DShape:

– Our 4DShape is a versatile and compact instrument solution that can be adapted to your project’s specific requirements: measurements for buildings, linear infrastructures, and subsoil projects.
– 4DShape is very well suited to long-term monitoring.
– It can be associated with an automatic alarm system when used with our Beyond Monitoring platform.

Eid Mubarak

The Sixense Middle East Team wishes you and your family a happy and blessed Eid.

Corporate Iftar 2023

Corporate Iftar 2023

Like every year during Ramadan, we love to celebrate this special period with our team.

We would like to thank our sister company MENARD Middle East & Central Asia, who invited us for a corporate Iftar at Al Majlis Restaurant in Dubai last Friday.

This gathering was an opportunity for us to come together, break our fast, and strengthen the bonds that unite us as we reflected on our blessings and expressed gratitude for what we have.

We would like to extend our warmest wishes to all those who observe Ramadan!

Ramadan Kareem!

Investing in our Employees and Quality

Our success depends on the quality of our services and the expertise of our employees. That’s why we invest in both, providing our clients with the best possible solutions and our associates with the tools and support they need to excel in their work.

Installing sensors and taking measurements on structures are often difficult, create challenging conditions, and can be physically demanding and hazardous for our teams. Our priority has always been to prevent risks such as accidents, long-term physical strain, and inaccuracy.

Therefore, Sixense Group have been investing in well-being and expertise by using exoskeletons that help support our team onsite. These devices are lightweight (2kg), easily adjustable to all operators and tasks, and reduce the strain from work.

By reducing levels of risk, we can ensure that our employees are safe and able to perform their best and deliver the highest quality for our clients.

At Sixense, our commitment to expertise, our conception of employees’ well-being, and our concern for quality set us apart. We look forward to continuing to grow and innovate in this area!

Structural Condition Assessment

At Sixense Group, we understand that condition assessment is a crucial component of any project and an essential aspect of any maintenance plan for your buildings and surroundings. By conducting regular assessments, we help you gain a deeper understanding of your assets and make precise adjustments to your maintenance plans when necessary. This approach ensures the longevity of your buildings and helps preserve the architectural heritage of the UAE.

Our pre-condition survey allows us to evaluate the area where a new structure will be constructed, ensuring that no defects will cause issues later on in the project. We also assess the condition of the buildings around the construction site to clearly understand their condition and evaluate the potential impact of the construction on them.

Regular structural condition assessments are also necessary for existing structures, allowing for informed decisions about whether to adjust maintenance plans at an early stage, repair, or replace specific structures rather than demolish them and start anew.

Our solutions are conceived to help asset supervisors manage their buildings sustainably by identifying defects and finding solutions.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you keep your assets in top condition.

Ramadan Kareem!

With the holy month of Ramadan upon us, the Sixense team would like to extend sincere wishes for a Ramadan Kareem to our employees, our clients, and our partners. May this month bring peace and harmony to all of us!

Regular Internal Trainings:

Yesterday, Dr. Brouxel Marc, our Business Development Director, presented a training on structural condition assessment and durability analysis to our specialized engineering team in the Middle East.
This training is part of our regular learning sessions aimed to continuously reinforce all our engineers’ knowledge of structural disorders, go deeper into understanding the reasons behind them, how to visualize and analyze them using the right tools and site tests appropriately.

At Sixense Middle East, we firmly believe in continuous learning and improvement to be able to offer our clients a service of the highest quality.

Beyond InSite

As part of a serie of software solutions we are currently unveiling, Beyond InSite is designed for project managers and contractors looking to streamline the performance of their work sites through digitalization.

InSite promotes collaboration between the different actors of a project, from design to document validation in the Document Management System (DMS), execution via self-check forms, and work verifications via site observations and defects management.

This solution includes the following:

  • Monitoring of non-conformities and their resolution (defects management)
  • Digitization of quality and safety forms (EHS audit)
  • Document Management System (DMS)
  • Library for forms creation and management
  • Linear referencing for linear structures
  • ScanSite and dashboards

By using Beyond InSite, you will gain access to a user-friendly interface accessible to all team members, resulting in improved productivity and project quality. Eliminate the need for repetitive data entry and streamline processes while ensuring data security and traceability. Additionally, users will have the autonomy to use the platform with Partner status.

When partnering with Sixense, take advantage of our newest solutions and benefit from digitization for managing your work sites.

EGYPS 2023 Ending

What a success! Congratulations to all who contributed to making EGYPS – Egypt Petroleum Show 2023 such a thriving moment for the industry.

Our team had the opportunity to connect with many of you. We were impressed by the level of interest in our services, and we’re grateful to have made some interesting new contacts on various projects.

It’s always a pleasure to visit Egypt and meet with our local partners. We look forward to continuing to work together in the future!

Opening of EGYPS 2023 in Cairo

Today marks the opening of EGYPS 2023 in Cairo, and we are thrilled to be here!

The energy sector is constantly evolving, and it’s exciting to discover the solutions and strategies currently reshaping the global energy markets.

We’ve had the opportunity to visit truly interesting booths and engage in meaningful discussions with industry leaders.

The atmosphere here is electric, and we look forward to connecting with you. We’d love to schedule a time to discuss your current projects and how we can support your activities.

Beyond Asset

Exciting news for our clients!

We are thrilled to present Beyond Asset, a management tool that helps you digitalize the information of all your assets.

Beyond Asset is a powerful tool for managing and optimizing the maintenance of your infrastructures. Using data centralization will allow you to organize and monitor:
– your infrastructure visits,
– overall asset ratings,
– and maintenance operations.

With Beyond Asset, facilitate decision-making to optimize and plan maintenance, as having real-time data on your asset condition enables operations performance, data security, and cost-saving.

Our solution is tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. It offers:
– Infrastructure tracking and intervention traceability,
– Updates from the field without re-entry,
– Business expertise in infrastructure management,
– Decision support for all your interventions,
– Automatic reporting and statistics.

When working with Sixense Group, take advantage of our digital products and benefit from digitization for your infrastructure management.

Follow us for more information on our upcoming software solutions.

Awards for 2022

It was a night to remember as we celebrated the end of 2022 with our annual team event at the Palazzo Versace Dubai.

We would like to thank MENARD Middle East & Central Asia, who invited us for a night of festivity and recognition of our hardworking teams.

We also used this opportunity to announce that Skreekumar Harikumar is our Employee of the Year, and Sreenivas Musku has been awarded the Safety Award of the Year for 2022!

Skreekumar and Sreenivas have consistently gone above and beyond, representing our company values and making a significant impact on our teams.

We are proud to have them as a part of our team.

Celebrating one year in Riyadh

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year since we opened Sixense Middle East‘s branch in Saudi Arabia! Under the leadership of Kamal Tahri, the team has grown from three employees to a strong team of ten, covering not only Saudi Arabia but also Bahrain.

In just one year, the team has accomplished a number of key projects. It has been extremely encouraging, and we believe it demonstrates Sixense Middle East’s ambition to thrive in the Saudi Arabian market.

We are so proud of everything the team has achieved, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Sixense in Saudi Arabia.

Discover our Business Suite ‘Beyond’

Discover our Business Suite ‘Beyond’:

At Sixense Middle East, whether you are a worksite manager or a high-level decision-maker, we have the services, expertise, and digital solutions to support you. Our teams are dedicated to helping you increase your performance through innovative, data-driven solutions.

Our Digital division has thus developed our ‘Business Suite Beyond,’ organized around 3 software with specific applications:
– Beyond Monitoring: to manage project data
– Beyond Asset: to manage infrastructure operations
– Beyond InSite: to optimise worksites performance

These powerful tools enable you to optimize your worksite operations and confidently streamline your decision-making process in real time.

We will detail our Business Suite Beyond in the upcoming articles, so don’t forget to follow us to get all the updates!

Assessing with Crossbow Method

Our tool, crossbow, is often used to conduct asset maintenance campaigns and is one of our main tool for studying the robustness of prestressed structures.

Actual tension in post tension cable is an important factor to have an indication about its remaining life.
At Sixense, in order to obtain this tension, we perform what is called the ‘Crossbow test’. It will allow us to compare the actual tension with the designed tension of the cable. In case of potential defects present in the strands, such as rust signs in the wires for instance, obtaining the actual tension shall allow to determine whether such defects are affecting the functionality or integrity of the cable.
While a window needs to be opened to reach the strands, one of the considerable advantages of this test is that it keeps the integrity of the post tension cable’s strands and wires intact. None of the wires of the strands shall be damaged during this test.
Sixense Middle East acquired its own Crossbow over a year ago and our client’s projects greatly benefited from it, as references of projects in which this method was applied includes:
● Four bridges of Sheikh Isa Bin Salman Highway in Bahrain, 2021
● The post-tension cables on girders in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, 2021
● The pedestrian bridge on the third ring road in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, 2021
● The Alba bridge in Bahrain, 2022

Developed by Sixense Group, this tool offers unique opportunities and brings exclusive data to our clients. If you would like to learn more about it, do not hesitate to contact us.

Best Wishes for the New Year

As we enter the new year, we would like to take a moment to reflect on all of our achievements in 2022. On your side, it has been a year of growth and success, particularly in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, where we have firmly established ourselves.

We are very grateful to our dedicated team members and partners, who have greatly contributed to our success and allowed us to achieve our goals.

In 2023, we look forward to continuing our expansion in the Middle East region, focusing particularly on Egypt and Kuwait. We also plan to maintain and further grow our presence in Saudi Arabia and focus globally on expanding our activities within the energy sector and its infrastructures.

We are confident that hard work and determination will help us achieve even greater success in the coming year.

Happy New Year to all, and we wish you a bright and prosperous 2023!

Merry Christmas!

We would like to send our best seasonal greetings to all our dear colleagues, clients, and partners.
We wish you and your family a peaceful, joyful, healthy, and merry Christmas!

Sixense ensures successful completion of tunnel excavation of Highway 401&409 Rail-Tunnels Project – Canada

A major tunnel upgrade and excavation project

The existing Kitchener Corridor with three (3) live rails are in the City of Toronto, Ontario, next to Toronto Pearson International Airport. To bring more frequent service to GO Transit customers, Metrolinx and Infrastructure Ontario started a twin tunnel construction in 2018. This infrastructure upgrade is taking place less than three metres underneath Highways 401 and 409 – all without disrupting the continuous traffic flow above.


Sixense provided a tailor-made monitoring solution in a challenging environment

Sixense was chosen by Toronto Tunnel Partners (TTP), a joint venture between STRABAG Inc. and EllisDon Civil Ltd. to perform environmental, geotechnical and structural monitoring of the existing rail tunnel and twenty-one (21) lanes of live highway, 401 and 409, one of North America’s busiest highway corridor.

In order to achieve the required high spatial density, high frequency monitoring while minimize interruptions of existing highway traffic and manual readings in heavy traffic areas, an innovative near real-time deformation monitoring system was designed and implemented. It consists of 8 Sixense’s Centuar automatic motorized total station (AMTS) with over 450 reflector-less points on the highway and 3 AMTS in the existing rail tunnel, complemented by Shape Arrays, In-place Inclinometers, Piezometers, Tiltmeters, Vibration and Noise Monitoring.


Completion of a milestone for the project

On January 22, 2021, the project reached a big milestone by successfully finishing the second tunnel excavation. Sixense’s expertise and dedication to the continued success of the project is well recognized by the project team. The new tunnels support the GO Expansion program and will transform the Kitchener line to a more convenient two-way, all-day train service.


ISO Dubai



ISO Abu Dhabi




ISO Certification:

Sixense is part of the VINCI Group, and therefore inherits from and takes part in its QHSE Culture.
We bear in mind that our most valuable assets, our employees, along with other stakeholders and third parties, have the right to work in a healthy and safe environment.


We, Sixense, recognize the importance of protecting our staff and strive to promote a positive attitude to working in a safe environment and have a clear commitment to safety matters. We also recognize the importance of preserving the environment and the right of the future generations to an environment in which they, in turn, can sustain a high quality of life.


At last, we believe that an effectively operating Quality Management System and the pursuit of business success are inextricably linked. It is therefore our primary responsibility to maintain highest quality management standards.
There is no better way to set our engagements than by committing to follow the recommendations of ISO9001, 14001 and 45001, for which we are proud to be certified.


ISO certification certifies that a management system, manufacturing process, service, or documentation procedure has all the requirements for standardization and quality assurance.


Emirates International Accreditation Centre (EIAC) mains activities are to accredit Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs), both Governmental and Private, within the UAE and overseas, including Laboratories (Testing, Calibration and Medical), Inspection Bodies, Certification Bodies (Management System, Product Certification and Personal Certification), Halal Conformity Assessment Bodies, Proficiency Testing Program Providers, Reference Materials Production Activities, Validation and Verification Activities.


Project Management Plus Training in France

At the beginning of the month, the Project Managers of all business units gathered in France to participate in a Project Management Plus training.

This training not only aimed to increase our expertise in Project Management, but also to bring every actor behind Sixense Group closer to each other!
This was a great opportunity for the team to reconnect, catch up, and learn more about what’s happening within our company.

InSAR and Earth Observation Techniques for Infrastructure (C805)

The development of Earth Observation techniques

Earth Observation covers a wide range of technologies that have come of age throughout the past two decades and are expanding into a new era of cloud processing, very high-resolution and near real-time service delivery with the use of spaceborne data within infrastructure asset management.

The launch of the new CIRIA guidance report

We are delighted to announce that the new CIRIA (Construction Industry Research and Information Association) guidelines on Earth Observation and InSAR technology in civil infrastructure is now available.

Produced by a consortium led by Sixense and Imperial College London, the guidance report improves accessibility to Earth Observation technology by understanding techniques and products applied to infrastructure management.

What you will learn about ?

The report draws on the extensive experience of the consortium members and detail current practices, illustrated with case study examples, and outline respective advantages and limitations of the various techniques to assist all users and in particular those involved in asset management and construction. It forms an important step towards establishing the use of Earth Observation techniques as a matter of ongoing best practice for asset management in civil infrastructure projects.

Follow the link below to order your copy:


For more information, please contact satellite@sixense-group.com

Welcome to the team!

As our activities expand in the UAE and the Middle East region, we expect to reach ambitious targets next year and join large infrastructure projects directly supporting the area’s development.

In these circumstances, we must put even more care into our recruitment strategy to meet our needs, maintain a motivating work environment and constantly enhance the services we provide for our clients.

Our two last additions to the teams are talented commercial engineers, and we are excited to work with them to reveal their full potential.

Raymond Serhal recently graduated with a BE in Civil Engineering from the Lebanese American University in Beirut.
“I look forward to my first professional experience! I am glad to be in a polyvalent position that will allow me to widen my knowledge in many expertise.”

Previously, Moustafa Elsisy was an architect and fit-out engineer for four years. His diverse experience will be a determining asset for Sixense.
“I look forward to learning more, expanding my knowledge, and taking further steps in my career alongside Sixense’s success.”

Welcome on board!

Our Visit to Kuwait

We want to thank MENARD Middle East & Central Asia, our sister company, and Ahmed Hussam for their warm welcome during our team’s trip to Kuwait last October.

Ahmed NADA and Mirella Khalil had a constructive stay in Kuwait, studying the area, meeting local actors, and understanding its challenges.
Discussions during business trips in other countries are essential for Sixense, as it builds the ground for productive and balanced relationships with major contractors, government entities, and consultants.
We are excited about these new projects and opportunities in Kuwait, a country that has always occupied a special place in our strategy due to its high potential.

Stay tuned!

Doha Red Line, a Metro Network from Scratch

On the 19th of November, the 2022 FIFA World Cup began in Qatar. For 28 days, the best football teams will compete for a coveted trophy.

It is the occasion for the Sixense team to look back on one of their key projects in Doha as the city reinforces its transport system, develops its metro network, and improves mobility for all.

Sixense was selected to provide instrumentation and monitoring services on the Red Line North, covering more than 40 kilometers through the city. We dispatched ten survey teams and 15 engineers to Doha, who immersed themselves entirely in the project and worked intensively for four years, performing up to:
– 6,000 leveling points (settlement markers and precise leveling points)
– 2,500 optical prisms
– more than 20 geodetic monitoring (Cyclops Solution)
This large-scale project also required the use of 300 geotechnical instruments and the deployment of more than 1,000 structural sensors on sensitive structures during the drilling and construction.

We are glad that our expertise participated in constructing a vital transportation network for the city while minimizing all risks, as we did in similar projects in Dubai and Riyad.

Beach Cleaning at Al Sufouh

As leaders of the entire world gathered in Egypt for COP27, we took the time to put into question our relation to the environment.

In October, on International Environmental Day, VINCI Construction invited all its entities to conduct environmental actions in their respective locations.

At Sixense Middle East, we first decided to invite all our associates to a webinar to raise awareness about the challenges of waste management and brainstorm on the topic as a team.

We then organized a beach cleaning at Al Sufouh Beach to support the non-profit association Project Rescue Ocean.

We appreciated this time dedicated to such a particular cause, and it gave us time to reflect on our impact on the environment in our personal and professional lives.

Going Out as a Team

Last night, our team gathered at McGettigan’s for a relaxed quiz night altogether. It is also the occasion to welcome and get to know two new coworkers who recently joined us better.

We are delighted to introduce to you Danna Jane Murillo Murillo, our new administrator, and Sanal Sankar, who will join us as a project engineer.

Danna has an incredible record, working in Dubai for seven years as an admin and accounts assistant in the trading and I.T. industry!
“It’s time for my next challenge. I am thrilled to be part of the growing success of Sixense Middle East as the new Office Administrator!”.

Sanal has a long experience working in the Middle East as a survey engineer, a site engineer, and a facade designer! We are glad to welcome such a multi-skilled new colleague.
”I worked very hard and was patient enough to get to this position.”

After an evening full of suspense and laughs, punctuated by questions on music, food, general culture, and knowledge about Sixense, let’s announce the winning team.

Congratulations to Silviu DobroiuANAM AYOOB K PSanal Sankar, and Elmer D.! Our special prize for the winners is a voucher from Mall of the Emirates.
Sixense thanks you all for your participation and efforts. Until next time!

Champions Meeting in Abu Dhabi

On the 20th of November, the Yas Marina Circuit will host the Formula 1 Etihad Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2022!

With a seating capacity of 60,000 people, the circuit is the second Formula 1 track in the Middle East and one of the most active sports venues in the region.

A few years after its opening, Sixense was selected to support the construction of pedestrian tunnels under the race track. As dewatering activities were required, our teams continuously monitored the settlements’ movements using our Centaur solution. This solution measures the ground settlement without requiring installing anything on the ground.

We are excited to follow the season’s final race on the 20th of November.

Kifaf Development

The Kifaf Development is another exciting landmark project located in the emerging Zabeel district in Dubai. It will include two iconic tall twin towers connected by a bridge in the shape of the number “1”.

We were happy to work on this ambitious project in the middle of Zabeel, one of the busiest areas of Dubai. Our teams got involved during the enabling works, then installed Sixense’s classic monitoring techniques, focusing primarily on shoring walls.

Our real-added value on this project was a live automatic monitoring system for shoring walls and the close-by DEWA power station, especially during excavation works. Our solution also included an alarm system and live access to the data through our software Geoscope.

Throughout the different stages of the construction, our teams provided complete and regular engineering consulting assistance to the contractor. We are excited to see the opening of the Kifaf Development as it becomes one of the driving projects to further develop this area of the city.

ADIPEC 2022 Ending

After a fantastic, inspiring, and motivating few days, ADIPEC ended on the 3rd of November.
Many thanks to the French Pavillon for welcoming Sixense and its teams.
Many thanks to the corporate participants and the numerous visitors who filled these four days with fruitful discussions and unique synergies.
Finally, we want to congratulate the other companies at the French Pavillion, who represented France on our side and enabled an atmosphere prone to exchanges.

Join us at ADIPEC 2022

Join us at ADIPEC 2022!
10 Days To Go. Sixense is proud to be part of the French Pavilion at ADIPEC 2022 representing the French know-how.

Join us at Stand 9232.

Structural Durability Assessment

The Gulf region is subject to extreme environmental conditions. High ambient temperatures, salt-contaminated dust, seawater, and other factors significantly impact the lifespan of local infrastructures.

At Sixense, our mission is to accompany our clients throughout the entire life cycle of their buildings, even in the most extreme conditions, which means assessing and managing the durability of structures.

While repairing a bridge involves closing and diverting traffic, impacting the local economy, and facing high reparation costs, understanding and controlling the durability of buildings allows us to improve it and reduce repair costs directly.

Our durability assessment includes a comprehensive investigation of the structure’s condition based on the:
general visual disorders,
site investigations coupled with destructive/non-destructive testing,
laboratory tests.
The results are then analyzed to diagnose the expected remaining service life of the structure and advise on any maintenance to enhance it.

The Geoscope / Beyond Monitoring platform at the ANDRA site in Bure

The Geoscope database, installed for the Data Acquisition and Management System (SAGD) of the ANDRA underground research laboratory of Bure (France), celebrates its 20th anniversary this summer.

The Geoscope database was created on Thursday June 13, 2002
The first acquisition point PPA0005_DFO_01 was created on June 26, 2002.

Today this database is still working and holds the world record of the largest Geoscope database with 9 billion values (9 228 800 000 values on the 20th anniversary).
The number of sensors is 30 000, and the database size is 1.34 Tb.

Geoscope / Beyond Monitoring is Sixense platform for management of monitoring data. Continuously developed and improved since 1997, it is used successfully on monitoring sites worldwide, from mega projects to small 10 sensors locations.

ANDRA is the French National Agency for Radioactive Waste Management. The Bure laboratory is a network of horizontal underground galleries dug at a vertical depth of 500 m beneath the surface. It is used to evaluate the containment properties of the geological formation, in view of a potential future nuclear waste storage (CIGEO project).

The ANDRA Meuse/Haute-Marne research center in Bure (55)

The Bure Laboratory, or the Meuse/Haute-Marne Underground Research Laboratory, is a network of underground galleries located 500 m deep under the territory of the municipalities of Bure (Meuse) and Saudron (Haute-Marne) in France.

As part of research on the storage of radioactive waste in deep geological layers, this underground research laboratory is operated by the National Agency for Radioactive Waste Management (ANDRA) in order to assess the confinement properties of the geological formation located at a depth of 500 meters, in view of a potential future CIGEO nuclear waste storage project.
On the surface, a network of piezometric drillings and environmental monitoring stations record natural parameters.

The ANDRA site in Bure

Data Acquisition and Management System

The Underground Research Laboratory hosts several dozen types of mechanical, thermal, chemical, hydraulic, short and long term experiments, carried out by researchers from the laboratory but also various external French and foreign laboratories, and private companies selected through specific calls for tenders.
The measurements are therefore of all types, all frequencies, all formats.

Aware of the crucial nature of measured data, ANDRA issued a call for tenders in 1999 to design an instrumentation and monitoring database (which would today be called an instrumentation and monitoring platform), with the following priorities:

• Data security requirement, among the thousands of measurements carried out in the laboratory, none must ever be lost or modified, all the raw measurements must be kept and protected without any modification.
• Consequently, computer security requirement, secure and differentiated access, by research entity, by experimentation, by sensor.
• Requirement for processing power and ease of use and ergonomics, to help researchers extract the maximum information from the measured data.
• Requirement of durability over time, of permanent evolution to follow and survive changes in computer hardware.

Sixense Monitoring (then called Soldata) offered its existing Geoscope solution. Geoscope is the monitoring platform used by Sixense teams around the world for their own instrumentation and monitoring services. ANDRA’s requirements are guaranteed, among other things, by the fact that our teams have the same needs every day.

Data visualisation of the gallery -445 m with Geoscope 6

In 2022, in the continuity of the permanent evolution of its solution, Sixense launches the Beyond Monitoring platform, direct successor to Geoscope:


Geoscope database statistics (June 2022)

Database size: 1.34 TB
Size of a full database backup, after compression: 120 GB

Number of measurement points: 29,190

Number of values ​​measured: 7,990,623,000
Number of values ​​calculated: 1,238,177,000
Number of alarms: 2,627,587
Number of daily summary values: 53,038,329
Number of hourly summary values: 1,125,941,000

Information on the data flow managed by the SAGD database with Geoscope at 08/2022
Evolution of the database size since 2015

Conducting Post-Fire Integrity Assessments

Sixense’s expertise covers the analysis of all types of structures, and our teams are used to assess the condition of the largest infrastructures but also old and new buildings. Sixense is, in fact, regularly solicited for its expertise in fire investigation.

Fires are a real challenge for Dubai’s resident[SA1] s. According to the Ministry of Interior, 2 090 fire incidents happened in homes and facilities in 2021, of which 66.2% were residential. More than 50% of these fires supposedly occurred in reinforced concrete structures.

After these incidents, Sixense is often involved in many post-fire investigations and recommendations for repair solutions. The exposition of materials to very high temperatures can alter their properties, and it is essential to create a damage mapping and conduct tests and surveys on the affected areas. This way, we can assess the structure’s state and safety and the extent to which it should be repaired.

The Importance of Ensuring a High-Quality Fundamental Study

Riggat Al Buteen is located along Dubai creek in the East part of the city. As one of Dubai’s oldest districts, the area contains historical residential developments displaying traditional and modern architectural styles and the popular Deira shopping center.

Sixense was contracted by Dutch Foundation to support the construction of a residential building with 16 floors and two basements in the heart of this sensitive location. As for any excavation in such a dense urban situation, instrumentation and monitoring were mandatory.

This type of service is very classic in the construction industry. Using sensors, and our automatic total station, Cyclop, our teams demonstrated Sixense’s ability to support and advise our clients in highly technological and complex projects, but also more basic ones. High-quality fundamental analyses allow you to move forward and make the most challenging things possible.

Expanding our Networks in Egypt

Jean-Christophe Monneret, the General Manager at Sixense Middle East, and his team had a busy summer in Cairo.

Recently, Egypt has embarked on major infrastructure projects, expected to shape a new future for the country. Train lines, roads, bridges, housing units, and even a New Administrated Capital are now the government’s priority to boost the economy and solve traffic congestion in Cairo. As the country continues to work on these exciting projects, we look forward to supporting change with Sixense’s expertise.

During our regular trips to Cairo, we are always glad to connect with more local authorities, consultants, contractors, and independent decision-makers hoping to build sustainable long-term relationships and partnerships. If you’d like to meet face-to-face, feel free to contact us.

Monitoring of the structural health of the 1915Çanakkale bridge

Monitoring of the structural health of the largest suspension bridge in the world in Turkey

An exceptional structure

Sixense’s Monitoring division works on an extraordinary structure in the Dardanelles Strait: the 1915Çanakkale bridge, which the Turks call the “1915 Dardanelles bridge”, in reference to a naval victory for Turkey. This suspension bridge has the longest central span in the world: 2,023 meters, in homage to the centenary of the foundation of the Turkish Republic.

What are the particularities of this structure?

In Turkey, 400 km southwest of Istanbul, the Dardanelles Strait is the only access between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. It is there, near the city of Çanakkale (former city of Troy), that the 1915 Çanakkale bridge stands and was inaugurated at the end of March 2022.

This 3,563-meter-long suspension bridge is made up of two pylons 2,023 meters apart supporting a 45-meter-wide deck, through 2 cables and its suspension.

The structure was built by a consortium of 2 Turkish companies (Limak and Yapı Merkezi) and 2 South Korean companies (DL E&C and SK ecoplant). Sixense has been selected by this consortium to design, manufacture and install an exceptional instrumentation system with more than 1,000 sensors… a world premiere!

How will the Sixense SHM system help optimize bridge operations?

These 1,000 sensors will provide a continuous view of the multiple behaviours of the structure in relation to stresses to which it will be subjected. The system will provide information on deck and cable vibrations, stress concentrations in the mechanical elements, temperature at various points on the structure, weather and seismic information, and the concentration of traffic on the structure.

The data is accessible in real time on the Sixense monitoring platform.

Much more than a visualization of phenomena, the system put in place by Sixense will allow scenario predictions by varying the environmental parameters of the structure. Thus, the operator will be able to estimate the aging of the structure according to its traffic increase predictions.

Discover our Mine & Quarry’s expertise: Volume excavation

Volume calculations are essential in mining and quarrying. It helps calibrate equipment and teams, produce accurate reports and undergo regulatory checks. The measure is usually done by conducting on-site surveys using leveling machines or total stations. But drones are the most efficient solution available.

Those who introduce drones into their #mining and #quarrying operations quickly realize the significant added value they bring to the industry and how they contribute to the overall efficiency of any site.
– Timewise: Drones will need ten minutes to complete a measurement mission, compared to five days for land-based methods.
– Accuracy-wise: Drones are five times more precise than other methods, providing accurate and comprehensive data detailing the site conditions.
– Cost-wise: The use of drones represents a marginal cost difference.

This powerful solution is a game-changer for mining and quarrying but also other delicate operations such as:
– Structure inspection: to avoid scaffolding
– Precondition survey: to gain time and efficiency
– Quay wall, wave breaker, and seashore monitoring: to refrain from using boats and heavy equipment

Hello Egypt!

We had a busy week in Cairo, meeting local authorities, consultants, contractors and independent decision-makers involved on the many exciting projects that are re-shaping the country. We will be coming back and look forward to building sustainable long-term partnerships in Egypt.

Discover our Mine & Quarry’s expertise: Atlas InSAR

At every stage of your project, monitoring ground deformation and structure stability is essential to maintain the quality and safety of your operations. Therefore, we would like to introduce InSAR, our satellite monitoring solution.

Topographic surveys are usually done manually or by using a total station. However, none of these alternatives matches the efficiency, millimetric precision, and convenience of InSAR.

– Traditional measurement methods usually monitor the displacements of precise points in an area, whereas InSAR monitors the entire surface, using millions of measurement points in a reduced time lapse. While very high-resolution results, our solution’s deployment only takes two days compared to other methods that require seven days.
– Through satellite images, InSAR captures the details of a whole area simultaneously, with unique accuracy. You can also compare current pictures to previous ones (up to 30 years ago) and better understand the area’s ground motions.
– As a remote sensing technology, InSAR doesn’t require any onsite intervention to provide results. This service allows quicker, cost-efficient, and reliable risk management of your projects.

Next time you think about large-scale monitoring (railways, pipelines…), look at the stars and think InSAR. It’s a no-brainer.

Oil and Gas Networking Event in Abu Dhabi

Thanks to Sigma and Mazrui International for inviting us to an amazing Networking event in Abu Dhabi and getting the opportunity to meet interesting oil and gas players within the group.

How we can build more resilient infrastructure projects?

A sustainable infrastructure also means a more resilient one. For that matter, we asked Bunafsha Mislimshoeva, Head of International Projects Development at Resallience (our design office specialised in climate resilience), to explain more about this concept and how we can build more resilient transport infrastructure projects, in the context of an everchanging climate environment.

Let’s see what our expert Bunafsha has to say about this. ?

? Could you please explain to us the importance of building a more resilient infrastructure? Please provide us with a bit of context: where does this urgency come from and why now?

? What does building climate resilience actually mean?  

? How do you see the degree of preparation of other countries regarding the subject of climate resilience? Is Europe ready to act or has it already started planning?

Discover our Mine and Quarry’s solutions

Mines and quarries are sensitive facilities where risk can impact employees and local communities. At Sixense, we believe monitoring in this industry is essential and have developed dedicated solutions based on our experience worldwide.

As one of the largest limestone quarries in the world, Khor Khuwair has no room for error and requires continuous and accurate monitoring. We thus decided to deploy the Cyclop system combined with a unique geotechnical and structural expertise.

But each mine and quarry faces different challenges, and our mission is to choose and adapt our Mine & Quarry solutions to specific needs wisely. Discover some of our products below:
●       Cyclop system, providing a constant automated 3D monitoring
●       Atlas InSar, a remote radar allowing measurement of ground deformation and structure stability from space with millimetric precision
●       Drone surveyors, able to evaluate the excavation volume in real-time
●       4D Skin, providing remote millimetric monitoring of rock instabilities over large areas
●       Mining pit monitoring solutions

In the coming weeks, we will share more about our Mine & Quarry solutions.
Stay tuned and follow us on LinkedIn to learn more about how our solutions can solve your problems.

Discover our Mine and Quarry’s expertise: 4D Skin

As part of our Mine & Quarry serie, we would like to introduce our contactless radar technology, 4DSkin. Developed through 20 years of experimentations, it is a simple and optimal solution for large-scale, high-frequency, high-accuracy monitoring.

4D Skin offers remote millimetric monitoring of rock instabilities over large areas and structures such as quarries, dams, hills, and cliffs.

Because accuracy doesn’t have to equal complexity, the set-up only takes a few hours. It will give you an accurate measurement (typically 0.2 mm) of large areas (up to 4 kilometers) in any weather. It can even assess the risk of landslides without directly accessing the location.

The unique features of 4DSkin were chosen to monitor a dangerous cliff in the French Alps throughout a construction project. The steep section spread over almost 8000 square meters, and high precision measurements were necessary to detect any unstable rock over 2 to 3 months. Every two minutes, 4D Skin scanned the entire area, triggering an alarm in case of movement speed greater than 3mm/hour on surfaces of 10m2.

Nora: Automatic identification solution of acoustic events originating from your worksite

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Sixense has developed the Novia solution to answer one of the major questions on your worksites: “Is the excessive noise level caused by my on-site work or not?”. This solution, based on the machine learning technology, allows to identify whether or not a particular sound emanates from your construction noises or the surrounding urban activity.

Accessible via our Geoscope interface, Nora allows you to reduce the risks of complaints, site stoppages or even penalties. The Novia function can be activated at any time on all standard monitoring systems and automatically adapted at each phase of the construction.

This gives you a clear and transparent mean to justify a good noise management on your worksite to your clients and authorities.

If you are facing noise issues on your worksite in a sensitive urban environment, get in touch with our expert Karim Benaguid for more information.

Discover our solution in detail here.



Drone Solutions

Our solutions implying drones can make you save significant time and effort when managing your assets.

#Drones have numerous applications, from assets and #risk management to construction and consulting.

At Sixense, we have a long-standing experience using these technologies to inspect structures, gather data, and present you with a diagnosis and recommendations.

Discover our range of solutions:
– Inspection: Drones enable us to access remote areas to complete an accurate assessment and operate more quickly afterward if needed. For example, our drones can help identify leaks using thermal cameras or structural disorders using an orthophoto.
– Digitization: Digitizing your assets is an essential step in every project. With the #mapping function of our drones, we can recreate a 3D high-quality digitalized image of your #infrastructure in a short amount of time. For example, the #scanning of a quarry is enough to assess the excavation volume.

With drones, our teams can operate quickly, gather accurate #data, and formulate the ideal solutions for your particular situation.

Partner on complex projects

Deira initiates its transition into a new chapter with its waterfront development.

The proximity of the construction zone with the green line metro, the Al Shindagha tunnel, the seaside, and the necessity of using shoring walls for the #excavation works, makes it a complex project with critical challenges.

Flexible expertise and an extensive range of solutions allowed Sixense to become a vital problem solver partner for this project, carrying on fundamental operations.
– Monitoring of the metro rail movements during the construction using our “Cyclops” system to gather and analyze real-time data.
– Continuous assessment of vibrations, cracks, tilting, and strains using vibration units, crack-meters, #tiltmeters and strain gauges.
– Involvement in the shoring process using sophisticated real-time daily monitoring of the retaining walls.

By working at night, our teams could deploy the necessary solutions with a minimum impact on the numerous users of these infrastructures.

Ensuring safety through the preventive maintenance of rails

As the region takes action to develop freight and passenger rail transports and integrated transportation services through massive investment, the monitoring of rails has more than ever become a significant safety matter.

Last month, we had the pleasure of attending the Roads & Traffic Expo for innovation, technology, and infrastructure hosted by Etihad Rail in Abu Dhabi. This was the occasion to demonstrate Sixense’s skill set when it comes to the monitoring and preventive maintenance of rails.

“Rail Serenity” is a solution package focused on rails monitoring. It has been developed by our teams using two of our existing and proven technologies:
·        Cyclops, a prism measurement system
·        Tiltmeter sensors, monitoring the movement on the rails’ foundations
This combination uses measurement redundancy and allows for continuous measurement regardless of the weather conditions and trains’ location on the tracks.

“Rail Serenity” is not only a new product, it is built on years of experimentation, customers feedbacks, and crossed expertise. It ensures safe, and trouble-free operations on rails through constant monitoring and reliable filtering of possible false alarms.

Working on our Global Expertise

In June, the commercial teams of all business units, and our solutions experts, will be gathering to spend a few days together in France. This seminar aims to bring every actor behind Sixense, closer to each other and increase our entire expertise as a global company.

Internal communication and teamwork between our offices worldwide is the key to our skillset. As we network, reconnect, catch up, and develop our relationships, we also expand our knowledge of Sixense’s solutions and our capacity to meet our clients’ needs.

These few days in the French countryside will be dedicated to learning more about what’s happening within our company, what has previously been done elsewhere, and how each of us can benefit from others’ experiences.

At Sixense, we believe that the key to successfully applying our solutions is the human factor. This is why the sharing of unique know-how, the maintenance of relationships, and the continuous improvement of our teams are a top priority.

Sixense Middle East Performs a Site Bridge Inspection & Evaluation in Bahrain

Sixense Middle East was contracted to perform a comprehensive site inspection and evaluation of the post-tension (PT) cables of 4 crucial prestressed bridges in Bahrain.

Sixense Middle East, with its expanding presence in the GCC region, completes work on Jasra Grade Interchange Reconfiguration, a project for the Ministry of Works in Bahrain.

The role Sixense played was to undertake a comprehensive site inspection and evaluation of the post-tension (PT) cables of four crucial prestressed bridges, the Janabiyah, Sehla, Tubli and Umm Al Hassam bridges. The bridges are all strategically located along the Sheikh Isa Bin Salman Highway, which leads from the kingdom’s capital, Manama, to Dammam through the King Fahd Causeway.

Sixense’s role was to provide data obtained from the site inspection, using high-end non-destructive tools, to assist the client in completing the structural analysis and assessment of the bridges. Sixense provided timely, cost-saving, information for preventive maintenance to ensure bridge integrity for the sake of public safety.

Resallience, awarded by the French Committee of the World Road Association (PIARC)

Resallience, our design office specialized in climate resilience, won the PIARC France 2021 Award in the resilience category.

Resilience of road infrastructures to face climate change

The French Committee of the World Road Association has launched the PIARC France 2021 Awards to highlight the road and transport sector. Our Resallience teams: Philippe Sohouenou, Didier Soto, Camille Vignote and Karim Selouane, wrote a paper that won them first place ex-aequo, in the Resilience category for the Calgary congress. This is a real international recognition of their work on the technical, scientific and innovation aspect.


The paper entitled “A framework to prioritize critical road segments for climate-resilience investments” was presented by Philippe Sohouenou at the XVI World Congress on Winter Roads and Road Resilience held virtually. He spoke at the “Road Network Resilience to Climate Change” session on February 9 and at the “Poster Session 7” on February 10, 2022.


Here is an extract from the full article available below:

“With climate change, the impacts of natural hazards on road networks and mobility could worsen. Hence, strengthening the resilience of road infrastructures to natural hazards is more critical than ever before. To reach this objective, the design, operation and maintenance of road infrastructures should be informed by climate, transport, infrastructure and land-use data and models. In particular, transport operators and public authorities need to analyze such data and models to identify critical roads, which should be given priority for resilience strengthening investments. “

Mont Blanc: LiDAR survey of Europe’s highest peak

Sixense Mapping carried out a high density (1000 points/m²) helicopter-borne LiDAR measurement of the summit of Mont Blanc as part of a commercial scientific mission. This measurement, which took place two weeks before the “official” biennial measurement by the French chartered surveyors’ association, is the subject of a detailed article in the December 2021 issue of XYZ, the journal of the Association Francophone de Topographie (French-speaking association of topography).


The use of LiDAR for such a measurement is a first, Mathieu Peyrega, development engineer at Sixense Mapping, explains:


“This alternative method to mountaineering expeditions and conventional topographic techniques allows for a measurement of equivalent accuracy. The result, to our knowledge, is the highest density source of information ever produced on the roof of Western Europe, with an accuracy level fully equivalent to traditional survey techniques.”


In addition to the experimental validation of potentially being able to use our sensors in these extreme conditions, the obtained measurement accuracy (+/- 10cm@95%) is identical to the terrestrial methods and confirms the effectiveness of this technique. The short implementation time makes it possible to use it with a reactivity that is not possible with conventional approaches.


The results obtained, correlated with the weather conditions observed between the two measurements, bring a new perspective on the “short-term” movements of this emblematic peak, which has moved by nearly 13 meters in planimetry and nearly 1 meter in altimetry over the period. In a way, this leads to relativise the “absolute” interest of a centimetric precision measurement in this specific context.


However, for us, this remains an exceptional flight that illustrates the extent of our systems’ capabilities, our teams, and our ‘know-how’.

Heritage projects


Over the past 10 years the Sixense teams in the Middle East have accumulated a substantial amount of experience and have played a key role on many heritage projects. With its prime proficiency, Sixense is able to provide its clients with the best monitoring and engineering and digitalisation solutions for their projects.

Sixense is really proud to have secured major contracts with clients such as government entities like Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism and to have assisted build and protect what is part of the United Arab Emirates heritage.

While providing services for the projects detailed below, Sixense carried out instrumentation and monitoring for structures, soil and environment, as well as SHM (Structural Health Monitoring), 3D mapping, condition assessments, non-destructive tests, and engineering services.


Sixense expertise applied to Abu Dhabi national treasures   


One of the most prestigious projects Sixense has been working on was Qasr Al Hosn. The old residence of the royalty was undergoing renovations for its redevelopment. The aim was to better integrate it within the city by opening it to the public as a national and natural history museum. As the building was highly sensitive, it needed to be monitored in real-time to avoid damages. Sixense provided structural, geotechnical, meteorological as well as seismic monitoring. To that purpose the teams in the field used many types of equipment in order to best accomplish their mission.


In this way, they deployed a group of robotic theodolites (Cyclops) to monitor the 3D movements, tiltmeters and crackmeters on the fort walls of the structure, piezometers for the monitoring of the water table behaviour and geophones (Gorgones) to measure the induced vibration of the structure.



Al Ain museum, the oldest museum in the country and one of Al Ain major attractions recognised nationally benefited from Sixense expertise. As the demand for offices and storage increased, a re-design was provided to harmonise the facilities including undergrounds. This meant deep excavation would be carried out in front of the highly valuable heritage structures. Sixense was called upon to provide instrumentation and monitoring to ensure the works would go safely by ensuring the stability of the structure.



Both projects required data acquisition and a management system.  Sixense designed, installed, and managed these interfaces, allowing all data to be transmitted in real time to a web-based interface. Automated alarms and user-friendly data visualization allowed the engineers to assess the performance of the structures and take quick corrective actions when necessary.



Sixense involved in Dubai’s major heritage projects


Not only Abu Dhabi needed specific expertise. In Dubai, the new Museum of the Future also required special care. This gigantic structure and unique design needed foundation works for its pedestrian bridge crossing to the Emirates Tower Metro Station. This is where Sixense came in to provide the vibration and settlement monitoring of the ground while assessing the risks and effects on the existing assets. Thanks to the quick reactivity and mobilisation from Sixense on site, the operation was handled efficiently and in a total safety.



Al Shindagha Tunnel is the oldest and busiest tunnel is Dubai with no less than 55,000 motorists crossing it every day. As the only underwater road in Dubai Creek, it is of particular importance as it connects this part of the city with Al Ras, Deira and Al Shindagha neighbourhoods. Opened in 1975, this tunnel is an important asset which requires special control and maintenance.

It is for this purpose that Sixense was solicited to provide 3 different offers: Structural Health Monitoring, digitalisation, and engineering.

  • Firstly, the Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) by carrying out the instrumentation and automatic monitoring activities, with real-time data for the Shindagha Tunnel. This system was set to assess, control, and ensure the stability of the tunnels during the surrounding construction activities, while some of the instrumentation aims at monitoring the deflection of the shoring wall during the execution phase of the adjacent enabling works. Shindagha tunnel I&M is meant to be permanent.


  • Secondly, during the digitalisation, Sixense provided a drone inspection, as well as a 3D scanning of the tunnel with the CAMTREE acquisition device developed by Sixense to provide the highest level of assets digitalisation. Furthermore, we implemented an AI-assisted disorders detection solution called “Caméléon”.


  • Finally, Sixense carried out a condition survey including a visual inspection as well as a photographic survey.




Sixense presence in the Sharjah Emirate


With two different projects for the Sharjah Art Foundation, Sixense contributed to the emirate heritage by providing engineering services. For both projects, the engineering services included on-site investigation and inspection coupled with its analysis as well as laboratory tests.


The first project, the Photography Museum, needed an investigation campaign for a structural assessment of the Building. Sixense had to provide information, on-site inspection, analysis of investigations and laboratory tests. All these steps led to essential recommendations regarding the  repairs to be implemented.



More recently our teams took up the challenge to provide job site testing and recognition of structural elements for the old Sharjah Planetarium building. The main objective was to provide a survey of the building for a relocation of the old planetarium’s dome structure. Built in the 1970’s, this monument is part of the Middle East heritage. That is why it was necessary to avoid any risk of damaging the structure before its relocation. Indeed, this area is intended to be equipped with new infrastructure which will replace the dome.


ADNOC registration


ADNOC registration :


Joining the select club of ADNOC-approved suppliers is an important milestone for any company operating in the United Arab Emirates. Sixense is proud to be recognized for its Engineering and Digital competencies, and be registered as a service provider for Energy, Infrastructure and Construction projects within the ADNOC registration.


Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) is a diversified and integrated group of energy companies. ADNOC’s activities include exploration and production of Oil.


As of November 2019, the UAE holds the sixth-largest proven reserves of oil in the world at 105 billion barrels. Most of these reserves are located in Abu Dhabi.


ADNOC is one of the world’s largest energy companies measured by both reserves and production which has 16 subsidiary companies in upstream, midstream, and downstream stages of production. ADNOC develops both onshore and offshore gas fields.


The company operates two oil refineries, Ruwais and Umm Al Nar. ADNOC exports natural gas in the form of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in addition to producing supplies for local electricity and water utilities, to other domestic industries including petrochemicals plants, and for re-injection into reservoirs.


ADNOC operates numerous companies with different functions, including exploration and production; processing and refining; marketing and distribution.

RTA registration


The Roads and Transport Authority, commonly known as RTA, is the major independent government roads & transportation authority in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was founded in 2005 and is responsible for planning and executing transport and traffic projects, along with legislation and strategic plans of transportation in the city. It is a department of the Government of Dubai.


Traffic & Roads agency manages the planning, designing, construction and maintenance of road networks and setting up the traffic and related educational programs alongside the preparation of policies, legislations and technical standards to ensure easy access and safe roads for all.


Roads & Traffic Agency is divided into six executive departments in addition to QHSE office, all are working together to fulfill the vision of The RTA and deliver its message through the implementation of roads and traffic development systems and its requirements in the emirate of Dubai:


• Traffic Department

• Roads Department

• Roads & Facilities Maintenance Department

• Parking Department

• Intelligent Traffic Systems

• Right of Way


After several years of close collaboration and support with the different RTA departments, thanks to the RTA registration, Sixense is now officially recognized as a registered specialist in safeguarding the construction and optimizing the operation of RTA assets.

Thanks to this RTA registration with Dubai RTA’s Roads Department, Sixense is now able to provide a wide range of services in order to secure and maintain Dubai Roads and the related assets during their entire lifecycle.


ICV Certificate:

Sixense has been registered and operating in the UAE since 2009. This long-term presence and engagement in the UAE’s development was recently rewarded with our first ICV certification. While holding such certificate may not be compulsory to take part in ADNOC Group tenders, we hope this recognition will strengthen our position and reflect our commitment to ADNOC core values.


An ICV certificate held by an entity, is a measure of the entity’s contribution towards the local economy based on a set of pre-determined criteria.


Here are the objectives of the Unified ICV Program:

  • GDP Diversification
  • Emiratization
  • Localizing critical parts of the supply chain


In line with the leadership vision and economic goals of the Government Accelerator Program (Ghadan 21), ADNOC and Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development  signed a Memorandum of Understanding to standardize the In-Country Value (ICV) Certification process. Aldar Properties and Abu Dhabi Ports are also part of the unified ICV certification process.


ICV certification is a process to certify supplier or contractor ICV score by the independent pre-approved ICV certifiers.

Suppliers are strongly encouraged to undertake the ICV certification process to attain the ICV.


In ADNOC’s ICV program, suppliers are expected to provide the ICV related documents in their commercial bids when bidding with ADNOC. ADNOC will consider ICV certification and ICV Improvement Plan (if required as per RFT) during the tender evaluation process.


While it is not compulsory to hold an ICV certificate to participate in ADNOC Group tender, suppliers that have an ICV certificate will have advantage during the tendering process. (Suppliers without the certificate will be considered to have 0% ICV).

Sixense awarded monitoring contract for Pattullo Bridge replacement project – Canada

A major bridge project allowing a safer, easier, and toll-free commute

The existing Pattullo Bridge is an arch bridge that connects New Westminster and Surrey and provides on average 75,700 cars and 3840 trucks a daily option for crossing over the Fraser River in the Metro Vancouver area. At the start of 2020, Fraser Crossing Partners (a joint venture between ACCIONA and Aecon Group inc ) was selected to design and construct the replacement bridge. The improved crossing will feature four modern, wider lanes for traffic, with allowance for a potential future expansion to six lanespedestrian and cyclist access, and better connections to, from, and near the bridge. 


Multi-stakeholder project site requiring innovative and safe solutions

A light rail tunnel, two additional bridges (one light rail, one heavy rail) and the existing Pattullo Bridge, are all located within proximity of the location of the new bridge alignment. Sixense was chosen by Fraser Crossing Partners to develop a monitoring solution that will encompass the surrounding major structures and railways enabling continued safe use of the nearby infrastructure throughout the Project construction 

Through coordination and cooperation with a variety of infrastructure owners, Sixense has designed and implemented a comprehensive monitoring solution, including 13 Sixense patented Cyclops AMTS systems monitoring hundreds of prisms, 9 4D-BLOC GNSS sensors, 28 vibration monitors and 46 wireless tilt sensors.  


An ongoing partnership until the project completion

The innovative monitoring system will be actively administered and maintained by Sixense, delivering near-real-time data on the Geoscope platform to all involved stakeholders. Uninterrupted, safe operation of all surrounding infrastructure will continue to be enabled by the Sixense solution through project completion.

Load testing on the Clémenceau Bridge in Brest

Brest Metropole, in France, plans on operating a second tramway line as well as a High Level of Service Bus line (also called Busway or Trambus) in 2026. Their route includes the Clémenceau Bridge, an infrastructure built 30 years ago. However, this one has not been designed to support the weight of tramway and High Level of Service lines in addition to the road traffic. 

The contracting authority entrusted Sixense to perform the investigations and checks needed on site to refine the sizing of the reinforcement work planned on the structure, in anticipation of the new tramway crossing and the bus line. To do so, our teams carried out load testing during the night of the 25th to the 26th of February 2021.  

In order to successfully complete the operation, the traffic was stopped to make room for several loaded trucks of a total weight of 120 tons. The bridge has been equipped with targets on the beams supporting the bridge, all aimed by a theodolite which was itself connected to computers with our Geoscope software, recording in real time the least oscillation of the loaded structure.  


Nicolas Sanchez, our team leader in charge of this operation explains:  

“An infrastructure is designed for a certain traffic. It is very likely that it will need to be reinforced. It is already more or less what is expected. We have installed a prism under each 17 beams. We target each beam with a laser equipment. The aim is to see, when loaded, the infrastructure’s deformation. We immediately receive the raw results, but we will still have to process all the information in order to provide results for the Brest Metropole Organisation” 


One unique tool to assess the vulnerability of assets

Our design offices specialised in climate resilience, Resallience, assists the Deposit Fund Caisse des Dépôts (CDC) Habitat with its adaptation strategy to climate change. They joined forces with our experts in engineering of existing structures to develop the first DPR platform (Climate Resilience Performance Diagnosis).

It is a decision support system composed of, on one hand, a hypervisor, powered by a geographical information system, and on the other hand, an analytical spreadsheet. The DPR allows to assess the criticality level of built heritage to climate risks. It also analyses the technical and financial risks of impact of these contingencies on the components, the subsystems and the systems of the groups of buildings. The DPR applies to all the property assets of CDC Habitat, close to 500 000 housings, and will allow to power the pluri-annual plans of investments to restore this heritage, to adapt the design of the new constructions and this way, better adapt to climate change on the horizon of 2050.

This project comes within the scope of a partnership between CDC Habitat, the FFA Insurance (French Federation of Insurances and the association of natural risks mission – MNR) created in 2000 by insurers in order to contribute to a better knowledge of natural risks.


Discover the article from CDC Habitat for more information.

Structural monitoring of the Normandy Bridge

The Normandy Bridge, a major structure that stands up to the elements

Since 1995, the Normandy Bridge is crossing the Seine estuary and connects Le Havre and Honfleur by a 2,141-meter long prestressed concrete and steel structure. It has a cable-stayed span of 856 meters. The deck of the structure accommodates 4 vehicular traffic lanes as well as bicycle and pedestrian paths. Its 184 stays, with up to 53 strands for the largest cables, ensure that the central steel deck is maintained for no less than 654 m above the navigation channel.

The durability of this structure, a symbol of French know-how in terms of Civil Engineering but subject to the winds and tides at the Seine estuary, is ensured by regular and rigorous maintenance. This maintenace is backed by the monitoring of the structure with a set of specific sensors but also by the periodic control of the structure’s and particularily the ageing of the stay cables


Increased surveillance of the structure to ensure its durability

Between 2011 and 2018, Sixense installed and maintained a monitoring system composed of about a hundred sensors: displacement, inclination, force in the stay cables, temperature, vibration of the structure, weather station and even breakage of stay cable wires. This system, which measures both the external stresses and the structural responses of the structure, enables a better understanding of the structure and anticipation of maintenance operations.

Since 2011, Sixense has also carried out periodic testing of the stay cables to determine their level of aging and check their residual structural strength. The Uscan process, patented jointly with the Gustave Eiffel University, works on the principle of ultrasonic guided waves to check the health of the strand wires in the areas where the stay wires are anchored.


Thanks to these continuous and periodic measurements on the sensitive componentss of the structure, the CCISE* can anticipate and schedule maintenance operations that will keep this masterpiece of French Civil Engineering intact for many years to come.


CCISE*: Seine-Estuaire Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Our SHM experts working on the Normandy bridge

Environmental monitoring, modelling and assessment works on High Speed 2, Europe’s largest railway infrastructure project

A major high-speed railway project across the UK

High Speed 2 (HS2) Phase 1 is a large high-speed railway project in the United Kingdom which will link London and Birmingham, with a future second phase to reach Manchester and Leeds in Northern England.

This major project will provide increased capacity and reliability of the railway links and should help manage the rising number of passengers.

HS2 phase 1 is expected to open to passengers in 2026 and Phase 2 around 2033.


Sixense expertise applied to this environmentally challenging major project

Sixense is excited to embark on the significant challenge of providing noise, vibration and air quality management services on a section of Europe’s largest infrastructure project, HS2. This section of the mega engineering project, delivered by Align JV, includes the route’s flagship 3.4km-long Colne Valley Viaduct, as well as the 15.8km-long Chiltern twin-tunnels. The services to be provided by Sixense include a significant amount of monitoring, modelling and assessment work across the 10+ worksites, which will play a key role in the wider efforts to minimise environmental impacts throughout the 5-year build.


Sixense teams providing efficient solutions

Within the first six weeks of its involvement, Sixense already installed 22no. noise and air quality monitoring stations, which are largely powered by sustainable-energy sources.

New contract: monitoring of the construction worksite of line 18 of the Grand Paris Express

Sixense would like to thank the consortium in charge of the works for their trust on this new project of the Grand Paris Express. The forecast duration of this new contract for monitoring of the works and nearby infrastructures is of 5 years. Line 18 will be about 35 km-long from the Orly Airport railway station to the Versailles-Chantiers railway station.


The market, notified on May 14th of 2020 to the association of several entities of @Vinci Construction and @Spie batignolles, includes the realisation of :


  • a bored tunnel of about 11 800 ml, of 7,8 m of effective diameter excluding crossing of structures,
  • trenches (cut and covered) of about 850 m between the tunnel and the aerial section comprising the temporary reorganisation of the Croix de Villebois road crossing intercepted by the works,
  • structural works of the underground railway stations of Antonypole, Massy-Opéra and Massy-Palaiseau,
  • thirteen annexed works, including the connecting branches of the tunnel.


Sixense Monitoring was assigned the auscultations to be carried out in the framwork of the project related to the drilling of the tunnel and to the construction of the infrastructures (excluding Launching shaft and Cut & Cover and excluding inside topography of the railway stations and right-of-ways).


This sector comprises 2 very sensitive areas which will need to be carefully monitored : the important railways nearby the future Massy-Palaiseau railway station and the Orly Airport area.


A permanent Sixense team will remain on the field at the base of the worksite in order to stay as close as possible to the work teams to carry out the mission that we have been assigned to. The team will implement a diversity of auscultation measures, including:


  1. Automated topographic monitoring with our now well-known Cyclops and Centaurs which will examine the nearby infrastructures of the project,
  2. Measures by inclinometers of the vertical structures of the infrastructures under construction,
  3. Stresses and constraints monitoring of the infrastructures under construction or the instrumented voussoirs,
  4. The geotechnical monitoring of the 16 sections of reinforced measures of the 2 tunnels comprising inclinometers in the field, multipoints extensometers in boreholes and interstitial pressure cells.


Geoscope will be the management support tool for all companies to access all auscultations of the project. This tool had been designed with a multi-actors approach allowing all different parties of the same project to have access to all the useful data : intuitive visualisation of the data, management of the alarms for level exceedances, visualisation of the construction site progression and access to all reports of auscultations.


This project is once again an opportunity for us to implement our monitoring expertise of urban works build up throughout the years with tunnel projects in urban areas where we have been able to step in.

Visualise the subsurface to manage the associated risks with Sissterra

Sissterra, a solution for worksites having an impacting on underground subsoils in restricted environment

Boreholes and other invasive geophysics investigation techniques are not very well adapted and difficult to deploy in restricted environment such as dense urban areas. Having a good visibility of the underground is however always necessary to carry out these works in such spaces.

It’s the reason why our experts developed an innovative geophysics solution, based on seismic without sources and particularly adapted to dense urban areas: Sissterra.
Based on a passive technology, our solution allows to reduce the number of boreholes and avoid active seismic sources. Sissterra passive technique relies on ambient noise recordings in the underground by autonomous geophones, an easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy system on site.


A turnkey and robust solution

An innovation from the academic field and the world of Oil&Gas, Sissterra is a turnkey solution allowing you to have a global visualisation of the underground subsoils. Our experts in geophysics manage the entire data value chain and can advise you from the reflection phase from your geophysics challenges, and this until the risk evaluation, going through acquisition as well. Sissterra is a tool that helps manage risks associated to the underground as it allows to consolidate the geologic model. The global visualisation ahead of the works allow to anticipate the adjustments of the constructive methods to maximise the site productivity.


Discover the solution in video:

Geologic follow ups of excavation works: the Pika solution

Whilst tunnelling using traditional method, the geologists usually carry out regular “manuals” cutting face mappings using a combination of field observation and pictures. But this method is not optimised as the pictures are not “at scale” and are often distorted and therefore, not representative of the actual geometry of the cutting face.

The new photogrammetric solution Pika allows a true and instant 3D reconstruction model of the tunnel face.
The geologist simply takes a few pictures of the tunnel face, then drops off the images on the Sixense Mapping beMap online platform. A Few minutes later, an ortho-image, a 3D map, a point cloud and a mesh are all made available through beMap.
All those files are a true representation of the reality, for both the geometry and the texture.


With Pika, the geologist therefore has access to:

  • The lithology and/or the mineralized veins, with real appearance, size and thickness
  • The location and the orientation of the fractures and cracks
  • The 2D-3D visualisation of all successive tunnel faces, one after another
  • The exact measurement of size, distance and surface of anything on the models


Precision, time saving, data storage: Pika facilitates geologic follow ups of excavation works.


Pika is a Sixense Mapping solution.


More information : mapping@sixense-group.com & natacha.robert@sixense-group.com