As contracting authorities, today’s world requires you to manage your existing structures in an increasingly complex and restrictive budgetary, technical and regulatory environment in the Middle East.

Maintaining the service levels of those assets, at the same time as ensuring the safety of people and property are challenges you face on a daily basis.

Our teams are here to support you through every phase of asset management.

Our Existing Structures division provides a wide range of services to respond to issues around existing asset management.

We offer global solutions to owners and asset managers.



Our added value:

  • A global approach: combining our individual areas of expertise allows us to provide a tailormade response to any type of problem
  • A unique centre of engineering expertise for existing structures: more than 100 staff (engineers, doctors of science and technicians), including specialists in Civil Engineering and Construction / Asset Management / Structural modelling and calculation / Materials chemistry and pathology / Corrosimetry and electrochemistry / NDT auscultation / Physical measurements
  • Cutting-edge expertise in special paints and coatings, materials pathology and ageing, and structural behaviour and recalculation
  • Integrated services that give us total control of every link in the chain of expertise: on-site investigations, laboratory analysis and testing, design engineering, etc.

Engineering expertise for existing structures

Engineering expertise for existing structures in the Middle East helps contracting authorities to manage their infrastructures and built heritage at every stage in the life cycle of engineered structures.

From the time work begins on site to the end of its life, a building or civil engineering structure must be inspected, monitored, maintained and – in most cases – reconfigured and/or upgraded. The design and implementation of these maintenance and refurbishment tasks must have their basis in special knowledge and expertise.

This type of specialist engineering is essential in responding appropriately to the complex problems involved in assessing the service levels of structures and identifying maintenance tasks to be undertaken and completed.

Against a background of increasingly restrictive budgetary and operating conditions, maintenance scheme optimisation is becoming a necessity for contracting authorities.


Sixense, a key player in the engineering of
existing structures

Our experts have been actively involved for many years in the promotion and development of the profession:

  • We are active members of the IMGC, IDRRIM, CEFRACOR, CEOCOR and CEN 219
  • All our projects are performed and delivered according to renowned international standards including but not limited to ASTM, ACI, BS, EN, etc.
  • We also play a leading role in training the professionals of the future alongside the Ecole des Ponts, CHEC, INSA, Ecole des Mines d’Ales and other leading educational institutions
  • We regularly publish technical and educational articles in specialist magazines to share the knowledge we have and take part in conferences at international level.