Introducing 4DBloc – a GNSS-based deformation monitoring sensor, providing real-time monitoring of ground surfaces and built structures.

A simple and economical deformation monitoring system:

4DBloc is a small, rugged, single-frequency GNSS receiver designed to be deployed on the field with multiple devices connected to a network.

It is a robust system with a small footprint and low power consumption, that requires no regular maintenance.

How does 4DBloc work?

The principle is to keep one 4DBloc fixed in its coordinates at a known and stable location (known as base station) while other 4DBloc are installed in the monitoring zone.

Fully automated and connected to our Beyond Monitoring web platform, the 4DBloc network records and transmits in real-time its 3D coordinates providing information on the structure, surfaces, or sub-surface deformation.

4DBloc applications include:

– Transport infrastructure: bridges, rails, roads, etc.
– Hydraulic infrastructure: dams, dykes, harbours, etc.
– Landslides
– Reclamation works, mines etc.