Beltway Project

[Award Winning Project – USA] – Continuous monitoring during highway improvement works in Virginia


The Transform 66 Outside of the Beltway Project was recently named the Best Road, Bridge, or Tunnel Project at the 2023 P3 Awards. 🏆


Sixense Northern America played an important role in this massive undertaking, which aimed to revitalise Northern Virginia’s Interstate 66. 🛣 Our experts designed a monitoring system that measured the track movement, highway settlement, and movement on various other structures during drilling shaft activities, utility installations, and retaining wall construction. 🚧


🔎 The teams implemented instrumentation on twenty different sites along the project, all with distinctive challenges that required innovative ideas on installation. For example, we utilised solar panels on the systems since continuous power was unavailable. Additionally, our automated monitoring system delivered measurements 24/7 that were critical in identifying different movements and displacements that allowed mitigation plans to be executed quickly.


It’s an honor to be a part of projects that are acknowledged for their achievements and improve the lives of many. Transform 66 promises to reduce traffic congestion, improve safety, and provide commuters with more predictable travel times. Big kudos to all the other stakeholders who worked tirelessly to make it happen! 🤝