Beyond Asset

Exciting news for our clients!

We are thrilled to present Beyond Asset, a management tool that helps you digitalize the information of all your assets.

Beyond Asset is a powerful tool for managing and optimizing the maintenance of your infrastructures. Using data centralization will allow you to organize and monitor:
– your infrastructure visits,
– overall asset ratings,
– and maintenance operations.

With Beyond Asset, facilitate decision-making to optimize and plan maintenance, as having real-time data on your asset condition enables operations performance, data security, and cost-saving.

Our solution is tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. It offers:
– Infrastructure tracking and intervention traceability,
– Updates from the field without re-entry,
– Business expertise in infrastructure management,
– Decision support for all your interventions,
– Automatic reporting and statistics.

When working with Sixense Group, take advantage of our digital products and benefit from digitization for your infrastructure management.

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