Breathing New Life into Aging Water Tanks

Time takes a toll on everything. We recently encountered a critical situation with 43-year-old water tanks, built in the 20th century, showing severe defects in key areas such as ring beams, periphery walls, and access shafts.

Immediate action was required to ensure structural integrity.


For this project, our team of specialists meticulously planned a comprehensive restoration strategy and performed a range of tasks, from general visual inspection, and confirmation of as-built elements with design drawings, to extensive sites and laboratory tests. 


Some key figures: 

  • 8 compressive strength tests 
  • 8 tensile splitting strength tests 
  • 74 UPV tests 
  • 74 rebound hammer tests 


At Sixense, we’re passionate about delivering exceptional results on every project. We ensure structural integrity and safety, breathing new life into aging infrastructure.