Build’ Health

Follow-up of structures state of health by vibration monitoring

Sixense’s Build’Health solution has been developed to meet the needs of builders, owners and managers of buildings:

– Monitor the health of buildings throughout their lifespan
– Quickly estimate the level of damage suffered by buildings after an event (works, accident, earthquake)
– Optimize risk management during urban construction projects

Build’Health adapts to your needs:

Our solution can be used on a manual basis, for example annually.
For the most sensitive structures, Build’Health works automatically and continuously with an alarm triggered in case of building degradation. Indeed, a few minutes per building are enough and the comparison of successive measurements allows to detect any damage.

The benefits of Build’Health:

– Simple, global, non-destructive and non-intrusive method
– Reliable mathematical indicator of the overall health of a structure, independently from visual analysis
– Determination of strategic information for the management of a property portfolio, building insurance or real estate investments
– Help in the analysis of the conditions of safe access to a structure after an accident, a fire or an earthquake
– Assistance in preventive measures and analysis of the impact of works