Building on Strong Foundations

In the heart of our divisions, Sixense Geophysics reveals the subsoil beneath your projects with advanced 3D imaging solutions. This helps you manage risks and ensure your projects progress smoothly and safely.

From cavity and water leakage detection to geological modelling and diagnosis of earthwork, our expertise covers a wide range of market segments:


🚆  Transport Infrastructures: roads, rails, metros and tunnels, waterways, ports and airports.

🏯 Heritage, Cities, and Regions: buildings, structures, foundations and excavations, urban development and natural hazards.

⚡️ Energy and Industry: dams and water management, oil and gas, electricity (nuclear, wind, and transmission grids), mining, quarrying, industries, and processes.


With over 25 years of experience, we leverage conventional and patented geophysical methods to provide solutions tailored to your needs.


At Sixense, we take pride in ensuring the success of your projects from every angle with our versatile and experienced teams.