Condition Assessment

As part of our corporate mission at Sixense, we support our customers throughout the entire lifecycle of their buildings and prioritize the critical importance of assessing durability and life expectancy in the face of the UAE’s challenging environmental conditions.


High ambient temperatures, salt-contaminated dust, and exposure to seawater significantly impact the lifespan of your infrastructure. Understanding these factors is crucial for keeping your projects secure and long-lasting. It’s also a matter of smart economics, as it helps reduce both direct and indirect repair costs.  


Consider the ripple effect of repairing a bridge: closures, traffic diversions, disruption of the economy and daily life, creating a final impact beyond material and labor expenses. When a structure is too damaged, dismantling costs also emphasize the importance of proactive maintenance and long-term assessment.  


Our methodology includes visual inspections, site surveys using destructive and non-destructive testing techniques, and laboratory analysis. Results are then analyzed to determine the structure’s remaining service life and provide you with actionable insights. 


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