Conducting Post-Fire Integrity Assessments

Sixense’s expertise covers the analysis of all types of structures, and our teams are used to assess the condition of the largest infrastructures but also old and new buildings. Sixense is, in fact, regularly solicited for its expertise in fire investigation.

Fires are a real challenge for Dubai’s resident[SA1] s. According to the Ministry of Interior, 2 090 fire incidents happened in homes and facilities in 2021, of which 66.2% were residential. More than 50% of these fires supposedly occurred in reinforced concrete structures.

After these incidents, Sixense is often involved in many post-fire investigations and recommendations for repair solutions. The exposition of materials to very high temperatures can alter their properties, and it is essential to create a damage mapping and conduct tests and surveys on the affected areas. This way, we can assess the structure’s state and safety and the extent to which it should be repaired.