Discover our Mine and Quarry’s expertise: 4D Skin

As part of our Mine & Quarry serie, we would like to introduce our contactless radar technology, 4DSkin. Developed through 20 years of experimentations, it is a simple and optimal solution for large-scale, high-frequency, high-accuracy monitoring.

4D Skin offers remote millimetric monitoring of rock instabilities over large areas and structures such as quarries, dams, hills, and cliffs.

Because accuracy doesn’t have to equal complexity, the set-up only takes a few hours. It will give you an accurate measurement (typically 0.2 mm) of large areas (up to 4 kilometers) in any weather. It can even assess the risk of landslides without directly accessing the location.

The unique features of 4DSkin were chosen to monitor a dangerous cliff in the French Alps throughout a construction project. The steep section spread over almost 8000 square meters, and high precision measurements were necessary to detect any unstable rock over 2 to 3 months. Every two minutes, 4D Skin scanned the entire area, triggering an alarm in case of movement speed greater than 3mm/hour on surfaces of 10m2.