Discover our Mine and Quarry’s solutions

Mines and quarries are sensitive facilities where risk can impact employees and local communities. At Sixense, we believe monitoring in this industry is essential and have developed dedicated solutions based on our experience worldwide.

As one of the largest limestone quarries in the world, Khor Khuwair has no room for error and requires continuous and accurate monitoring. We thus decided to deploy the Cyclop system combined with a unique geotechnical and structural expertise.

But each mine and quarry faces different challenges, and our mission is to choose and adapt our Mine & Quarry solutions to specific needs wisely. Discover some of our products below:
●       Cyclop system, providing a constant automated 3D monitoring
●       Atlas InSar, a remote radar allowing measurement of ground deformation and structure stability from space with millimetric precision
●       Drone surveyors, able to evaluate the excavation volume in real-time
●       4D Skin, providing remote millimetric monitoring of rock instabilities over large areas
●       Mining pit monitoring solutions

In the coming weeks, we will share more about our Mine & Quarry solutions.
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