Discover our Mine & Quarry’s expertise: Volume excavation

Volume calculations are essential in mining and quarrying. It helps calibrate equipment and teams, produce accurate reports and undergo regulatory checks. The measure is usually done by conducting on-site surveys using leveling machines or total stations. But drones are the most efficient solution available.

Those who introduce drones into their #mining and #quarrying operations quickly realize the significant added value they bring to the industry and how they contribute to the overall efficiency of any site.
– Timewise: Drones will need ten minutes to complete a measurement mission, compared to five days for land-based methods.
– Accuracy-wise: Drones are five times more precise than other methods, providing accurate and comprehensive data detailing the site conditions.
– Cost-wise: The use of drones represents a marginal cost difference.

This powerful solution is a game-changer for mining and quarrying but also other delicate operations such as:
– Structure inspection: to avoid scaffolding
– Precondition survey: to gain time and efficiency
– Quay wall, wave breaker, and seashore monitoring: to refrain from using boats and heavy equipment