Doha Red Line, a Metro Network from Scratch

On the 19th of November, the 2022 FIFA World Cup began in Qatar. For 28 days, the best football teams will compete for a coveted trophy.

It is the occasion for the Sixense team to look back on one of their key projects in Doha as the city reinforces its transport system, develops its metro network, and improves mobility for all.

Sixense was selected to provide instrumentation and monitoring services on the Red Line North, covering more than 40 kilometers through the city. We dispatched ten survey teams and 15 engineers to Doha, who immersed themselves entirely in the project and worked intensively for four years, performing up to:
– 6,000 leveling points (settlement markers and precise leveling points)
– 2,500 optical prisms
– more than 20 geodetic monitoring (Cyclops Solution)
This large-scale project also required the use of 300 geotechnical instruments and the deployment of more than 1,000 structural sensors on sensitive structures during the drilling and construction.

We are glad that our expertise participated in constructing a vital transportation network for the city while minimizing all risks, as we did in similar projects in Dubai and Riyad.