Drone Solutions

Our solutions implying drones can make you save significant time and effort when managing your assets.

#Drones have numerous applications, from assets and #risk management to construction and consulting.

At Sixense, we have a long-standing experience using these technologies to inspect structures, gather data, and present you with a diagnosis and recommendations.

Discover our range of solutions:
– Inspection: Drones enable us to access remote areas to complete an accurate assessment and operate more quickly afterward if needed. For example, our drones can help identify leaks using thermal cameras or structural disorders using an orthophoto.
– Digitization: Digitizing your assets is an essential step in every project. With the #mapping function of our drones, we can recreate a 3D high-quality digitalized image of your #infrastructure in a short amount of time. For example, the #scanning of a quarry is enough to assess the excavation volume.

With drones, our teams can operate quickly, gather accurate #data, and formulate the ideal solutions for your particular situation.