Empowering Tomorrow’s Infrastructures: Introducing EverSense

At Sixense, we’re improving how stay-cabled and prestressed concrete structures are monitored and managed.

Discover EverSense, a solution that continuously monitors the health and performance of your structures by seamlessly processing automated measurements and creating indicators that meet your needs.

Through a wide range of technologies (acoustic and ultrasonic sensors, radar and laser measurement solutions… and InSAR satellites), EverSense protects critical stay-cabled and prestressed concrete infrastructures around the world, such as bridges, offshore platforms, wind turbines, and nuclear facilities.

With an operating rate of 99% in EverSense systems installed for over a decade, our solution guarantees long-lasting peace of mind. Sixense’s team of experts will know how to create tailored monitoring programs, whether you are dealing with corrosion, scouring risk, or aging structures.

You’re not just investing in technology; you’re investing in proactive decision-making:

  • Always be aware of the status of your structures in real-time
  • Anticipate and optimize maintenance
  • Mitigate risk for safer operations
  • Extend the service life of your structures

Experience the transformative power of EverSense and let our teams take your structural monitoring to new heights.

Your infrastructure deserves nothing less.