Ensuring Infrastructure Readiness for Major Sporting Events

Hosting international gatherings such as the Olympics can take a toll on a city’s infrastructure, requiring building, transportation means, and stadiums to support increased capacity for extended periods of time.

At Sixense, our specialization in infrastructure management perfectly meets this challenge through three core areas of expertise:

  • Specialized Engineering: We conduct thorough condition assessments of structures to ensure they meet the heightened demands of major events.
  • Monitoring: Our advanced monitoring systems track structural behavior in real-time, from stress on key elements to buildings’ movements and ground settlements.
  • Digital Solutions: Through tools like Beyond Asset, we streamline infrastructure management by centralizing data and optimizing asset performance, enhancing operational efficiency and overall resilience.


With our proven track record and our set of innovative solutions, our team is ready to support cities in keeping unique moments like the Olympics a moment of sharing, where safety and sustainability should never be compromised.