Ensuring safety through the preventive maintenance of rails

As the region takes action to develop freight and passenger rail transports and integrated transportation services through massive investment, the monitoring of rails has more than ever become a significant safety matter.

Last month, we had the pleasure of attending the Roads & Traffic Expo for innovation, technology, and infrastructure hosted by Etihad Rail in Abu Dhabi. This was the occasion to demonstrate Sixense’s skill set when it comes to the monitoring and preventive maintenance of rails.

“Rail Serenity” is a solution package focused on rails monitoring. It has been developed by our teams using two of our existing and proven technologies:
·        Cyclops, a prism measurement system
·        Tiltmeter sensors, monitoring the movement on the rails’ foundations
This combination uses measurement redundancy and allows for continuous measurement regardless of the weather conditions and trains’ location on the tracks.

“Rail Serenity” is not only a new product, it is built on years of experimentation, customers feedbacks, and crossed expertise. It ensures safe, and trouble-free operations on rails through constant monitoring and reliable filtering of possible false alarms.