Freyssinet Football Tournament 2023

Cultivating Team Spirit on the Field!

At Sixense, we firmly believe that fostering an innovative work environment goes hand in hand with nurturing a vibrant and engaging community. That’s why, we brought our team for a friendly football tournament with our sister companies.

Last week, colleagues from Sixense and Freyssinet Middle East came together for a sportive day.

Congratulations to Reco Dubai, for winning the tournament, and to our very own Farid Rached, for winning Best Player of the tournament!

The tournament was a blast from start to finish, we want to thank Freyssinet Middle East for inviting us, and turning this day into a memorable moment of festivity filled with laughter and an unbreakable sense of community.

Together, we take great pride in showing that it’s more than work here; it’s a true team.

⚽️ Meet the players who represented Sixense!
●       Raymond Serhal
●       Moustafa Elsisy
●       Farid Rached
●       Silviu Dobroiu
●       khaled abduo
●       Ahmed Ebrahim
●       Melhem Abi Warde
●       Kamal Tahri