Introducing UPUS® for Effortless Structural Evaluation

At Sixense, we are dedicated to innovation. Our solution, UPUS®, accurately measures loads and stresses in cable-stayed and prestressed structures.

Key features:


Verification of the Structural Reinforcement: UPUS® verifies the acceptance of structural reinforcement or assembly brought by prestressing bars to limit critical structural hazards.


Remarkable Accuracy: With UPUS®, we can achieve a measurement accuracy 10 times better than traditional methods.


🌍Why UPUS?

UPUS® operates without heavy equipment, making the process more efficient and cost-effective. It not only provides real-time stress and strain measurements but also detects hidden defects, such as age-related corrosion and other failures, before they become visible. This proactive approach empowers engineers and managers to take preventive actions.


Choose UPUS® by Sixense for precision, efficiency, and unparalleled structural insight powered by our longstanding passion for innovation.