Investing in our Employees and Quality

Our success depends on the quality of our services and the expertise of our employees. That’s why we invest in both, providing our clients with the best possible solutions and our associates with the tools and support they need to excel in their work.

Installing sensors and taking measurements on structures are often difficult, create challenging conditions, and can be physically demanding and hazardous for our teams. Our priority has always been to prevent risks such as accidents, long-term physical strain, and inaccuracy.

Therefore, Sixense Group have been investing in well-being and expertise by using exoskeletons that help support our team onsite. These devices are lightweight (2kg), easily adjustable to all operators and tasks, and reduce the strain from work.

By reducing levels of risk, we can ensure that our employees are safe and able to perform their best and deliver the highest quality for our clients.

At Sixense, our commitment to expertise, our conception of employees’ well-being, and our concern for quality set us apart. We look forward to continuing to grow and innovate in this area!