Monitoring your Infrastructures from Space

In today’s world, managing infrastructures with precision, efficiency, and safety is crucial. Atlas InSAR, harnesses radar satellite images to create millions of measurement points, meeting your construction and maintenance needs across all the phases of your projects.



Developed in 2004 to address ground deformation and structural stability complexities, Atlas InSAR is in constant development, keeping pace with technological innovation and new capabilities.


This satellite-based remote sensing solution captures millimeter-level ground motion without on-site intervention, providing wide terrain behavior maps and detailed structural analyses.



With Atlas InSAR, our teams can meticulously track accumulated displacement and deformation for each point, offering insightful retrospectives and real-time updates through an intuitive interface.


Our platform transforms data into tailored and actionable insights using advanced analytics. Enjoy direct and comprehensive control over your different assets.



With over 700 engineers globally dedicated to construction and decade-long expertise in satellite radar data, we offer an unmatched understanding of the field. Committed to innovation, we adapt to the latest satellite tech, ensuring a safer, more efficient future for your projects!


Beyond precision, our non-intrusive solutions, experience, and commitment to innovation are what sets Sixense apart. Join us on this thrilling journey towards smarter monitoring!