Oppio method

[Wind Power] – Helping you optimize the locations of wind turbines according to acoustic and spatial constraints.


This solution is based on the simultaneous optimization of operating modes and positions of wind turbines, in order to limit the loss of electricity production while taking regulatory constraints into account.


👉 How does our Oppio method work?
In the upstream phase, for wind farm developers, we model the project taking into account various data: the location of wind turbines as well as their acoustic and electrical power characteristics.
The aim of the method is to find the optimum layout to minimize production losses, while taking account of regulatory acoustic constraints🔊


Numerical simulations are carried out to compare with the acoustic baseline (initial noise before the wind turbines are installed) and enable the calculation of a curtailment plan of the wind farm.


The Oppio method is an algorithm that seeks to optimize several factors: the wind farm’s operating modes and the position of the machines. For projects where acoustic losses are initially high, Oppio can save up to 3% in night-time productivity and 1% in cumulative day/night productivity.


With Oppio we help you:
✅ Search for optimum operating modes of the wind farm in compliance with acoustic regulations

✅ Find the optimum wind turbine locations using our algorithm.