Partner on complex projects

Deira initiates its transition into a new chapter with its waterfront development.

The proximity of the construction zone with the green line metro, the Al Shindagha tunnel, the seaside, and the necessity of using shoring walls for the #excavation works, makes it a complex project with critical challenges.

Flexible expertise and an extensive range of solutions allowed Sixense to become a vital problem solver partner for this project, carrying on fundamental operations.
– Monitoring of the metro rail movements during the construction using our “Cyclops” system to gather and analyze real-time data.
– Continuous assessment of vibrations, cracks, tilting, and strains using vibration units, crack-meters, #tiltmeters and strain gauges.
– Involvement in the shoring process using sophisticated real-time daily monitoring of the retaining walls.

By working at night, our teams could deploy the necessary solutions with a minimum impact on the numerous users of these infrastructures.