Paving the way for safer mining in Egypt

Last month, Sixense signed a decisive agreement, furthering our commitment to enhance safety and efficiency within the mining operations in Egypt and its surrounding regions.

Egypt, with its rich mining history and abundant resources, aspires to increase the mining industry’s contribution to its economy in the coming years. In this context, Sixense ME has strategically partnered with NADA Corporation and the Egyptian National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics to amplify local awareness regarding monitoring and risk assessment.


Our joint mission is to provide comprehensive training, cutting-edge tools, and applications to empower local contractors and enhance safety standards within the sector. The program’s participants are expected to apply their learnings across more than ten mines nationwide.


At Sixense ME, we firmly believe that knowledge sharing is not merely commendable; it serves as a catalyst for change. It empowers our partners to prioritize safety, achieve cost savings, and enhance operational efficiency.


Our best technologies, including CYCLOPS for 3D movement measurements, 4D Bloc for real-time deformation monitoring, and InSar satellite technology for displacement monitoring, integrated within our Geoscope system, will be at the heart of this endeavor.


In collaboration with our partners, Sixense ME is ready to support the future of the mining industry in Egypt by fostering a safer, more efficient, and sustainable industry.