Pioneering Dam Management

Dams play a crucial role in providing us with reliable and sustainable energy. However, effective monitoring is absolutely essential to ensure their safety and functionality. Over the years, as one of the leaders in dam management, Sixense has developed solutions specifically tailored for these critical structures.



Our expertise extends to structural, geotechnical, and hydrogeological monitoring, covering both short-term missions and long-term structural assessments. Leveraging innovative methods such as InSAR satellites, we can provide unmatched insights into the health and performance of dams throughout their lifecycle. 



Through detailed condition assessments, including non-destructive and destructive testing, and laboratory analysis, we ensure a complete understanding of dam structures. Embracing innovation, our services also include drones, to reach the most inaccessible areas with precision and efficiency. 



Effective decision-making relies on centralized and clear data. Our ‘Beyond’ digital solution offers a new approach to data management. “Beyond Monitoring” offers real-time management of all recorded data, while “Beyond Asset” helps you streamline processes such as inventory management and maintenance planning simultaneously.  


At Sixense, safety, reliability, and efficiency are our top priorities in every project. That’s why we design comprehensive suites of solutions to fully empower our clients and unlock the full potential of their most critical assets.