Project Management Training in France

Sixense organized a specialized training program in France. This intensive training is designed to empower our current project engineers and propel them into their next careers as project managers.

With a strong emphasis on safety and quality, in line with our group’s top priorities, the agenda covered key aspects such as security, project managers’ mission, safety at work, and specialized sessions on contract management, CSR, and reporting.

Representing the UAE, we were happy to have Melhem Abi Warde and Ahmed Ebrahim joining this program, alongside Mohamad Qasim from KSA.

Beyond sharpening our employees’ expertise, this gathering aims to strengthen the bonds within the Sixense family. It’s not just about knowledge enhancement; it’s also an opportunity for our teams to reconnect, share insights, deepen their understanding of the company’s developments, and stay up to date with international standards.

Here’s to a transformative experience that went beyond professional growth: a chance for us to gather, learn, and build Sixense’s future together!