RTA registration


The Roads and Transport Authority, commonly known as RTA, is the major independent government roads & transportation authority in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was founded in 2005 and is responsible for planning and executing transport and traffic projects, along with legislation and strategic plans of transportation in the city. It is a department of the Government of Dubai.


Traffic & Roads agency manages the planning, designing, construction and maintenance of road networks and setting up the traffic and related educational programs alongside the preparation of policies, legislations and technical standards to ensure easy access and safe roads for all.


Roads & Traffic Agency is divided into six executive departments in addition to QHSE office, all are working together to fulfill the vision of The RTA and deliver its message through the implementation of roads and traffic development systems and its requirements in the emirate of Dubai:


• Traffic Department

• Roads Department

• Roads & Facilities Maintenance Department

• Parking Department

• Intelligent Traffic Systems

• Right of Way


After several years of close collaboration and support with the different RTA departments, thanks to the RTA registration, Sixense is now officially recognized as a registered specialist in safeguarding the construction and optimizing the operation of RTA assets.

Thanks to this RTA registration with Dubai RTA’s Roads Department, Sixense is now able to provide a wide range of services in order to secure and maintain Dubai Roads and the related assets during their entire lifecycle.