Seminar Recap: United by Inspiration

Sixense recently held its highly anticipated annual seminar in Le Touquet, a picturesque coastal town in northern France. This special gathering brought together 50 Sixense executives and managers, creating a perfect environment for enriching discussions, networking opportunities, and reinforcing our commitment to excellence.

These seminars serve as a platform for Sixense to embrace our international presence and seize the opportunity to strengthen our global connections further. They enable us to drive collaborative efforts worldwide while sharing projects, synergies, and best practices.

Throughout the seminar, our teams had the chance to engage in insightful conversations and get closer. We extend a special thank you to @Farid Rached, our Engineering Division Manager at Sixense Middle East, for organizing a memorable and engaging quiz night event mixing questions about music, general culture, and Sixense technical points!

We look forward to building upon the collaborative spirit and valuable connections fostered during these few days in France!