Make the subsurface visible and control risks through 3D imaging.

We have developed an applied #geophysics solution related to civil engineering issues in order to limit the risks associated with the subsoil called Sissterra®.

This internal turnkey passive seismic solution helps to:
– Consolidate the geological model and controlling associated risks.
– Optimize underground work progress: anticipation and adjustment of construction methods.
– Optimize the costs of soil improvement work: delimitation of the areas to be treated and treatments evaluations.

How does Sissterra® work?
Thanks to a network of so-called “autonomous” sensors (wireless and operating by battery), deployed by our technicians / engineers, we record ambient vibrations produced by anthropogenic activity (seismic background noise), especially in constrained environments such as industrial zones, city centers or over old quarries.

These sensors are easily and rapidly deployed due to their design. They record the ambient vibrations to allow a detailed analysis of the content in terms of seismic wave. The large volume of data goes through a complex data processing and thus makes it possible to deliver a 3D imagery of the subsoil to the clients and accompany them in interpretation.

To date, Sissterra® has been deployed on various projects:
– Optimization of underground tunnel boring works (Grand Paris Express)
– Subsurface Risk Management in Constrained Industrial Environments
– Seismic hazard management and assistance in defining the foundation system for the installation of sensitive buildings.