Structural Condition Assessment

At Sixense Group, we understand that condition assessment is a crucial component of any project and an essential aspect of any maintenance plan for your buildings and surroundings. By conducting regular assessments, we help you gain a deeper understanding of your assets and make precise adjustments to your maintenance plans when necessary. This approach ensures the longevity of your buildings and helps preserve the architectural heritage of the UAE.

Our pre-condition survey allows us to evaluate the area where a new structure will be constructed, ensuring that no defects will cause issues later on in the project. We also assess the condition of the buildings around the construction site to clearly understand their condition and evaluate the potential impact of the construction on them.

Regular structural condition assessments are also necessary for existing structures, allowing for informed decisions about whether to adjust maintenance plans at an early stage, repair, or replace specific structures rather than demolish them and start anew.

Our solutions are conceived to help asset supervisors manage their buildings sustainably by identifying defects and finding solutions.

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