Structural Durability Assessment

The Gulf region is subject to extreme environmental conditions. High ambient temperatures, salt-contaminated dust, seawater, and other factors significantly impact the lifespan of local infrastructures.

At Sixense, our mission is to accompany our clients throughout the entire life cycle of their buildings, even in the most extreme conditions, which means assessing and managing the durability of structures.

While repairing a bridge involves closing and diverting traffic, impacting the local economy, and facing high reparation costs, understanding and controlling the durability of buildings allows us to improve it and reduce repair costs directly.

Our durability assessment includes a comprehensive investigation of the structure’s condition based on the:
general visual disorders,
site investigations coupled with destructive/non-destructive testing,
laboratory tests.
The results are then analyzed to diagnose the expected remaining service life of the structure and advise on any maintenance to enhance it.