Successful Project near Jebel Ali Area

We are excited to share details about a remarkable project our teams recently completed in the south of Dubai, close to the area of Jebel Ali.


The primary objective of this project was to establish an efficient and reliable sewerage system, connecting the developed communities of the Jebel Ali area to the networks of the Dubai municipality.


One of the notable challenges was that one of the sewer lines was crossing above the existing metro line. To ensure seamless execution, Sixense was entrusted with a comprehensive instrumentation and monitoring campaign for the metro tunnel. Our teams diligently measured settlements, tracked 3D movements, and monitored vibrations, guaranteeing total safety along the project.


Sixense also conducted pre- and post-construction dilapidation surveys, including a detailed visual inspection and a thorough condition assessment of the metro tunnel’s interior. Our objective was to document and report any existing cracks and damages, allowing us to maintain a complete understanding of its condition at all times.


To accomplish these tasks with precision, we employed cutting-edge tools and technologies. The CYCLOP system, a powerful combination of Total Station and Optical Targets, played a crucial role in our surveying efforts. Additionally, we also used movement gauges and vibration units to capture accurate data and monitor the project with precision.


The success of this project is due to our team’s unique dedication and expertise. Moving forward, we remain committed and excited to further our contribution to the growth and development of Dubai’s infrastructure. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on our ongoing projects!