Translating Success: Sixense’s Expertise in Metro Construction

Construction work on Porto’s seventh metro line began in 2021. Commissioning is scheduled for late 2024.  🚧 🚉


The new line comprises a 3 km-long tunnel built using traditional methods and 4 underground stations. It passes through Porto’s historic city center, requiring continuous monitoring to keep the impact of the work under control. The monitoring contract was awarded to Sixense by the Ferrovial / ACA consortium in 2021 for 30 months.


✅ Since the start of the underground work, Sixense has set up a monitoring system to follow the impact of the work: tunnelling and underground stations construction in a dense urban environment with many old and sensitive buildings.


🔎 Our monitoring system comprises:

– 45 Cyclops, an automatic topography system along the entire line, with over 2,000 measurement points
– More than 350 geotechnical, structural and hydrological sensors: piezometers, inclinometers, crackmeters, etc.


Our instruments monitor ground and building movements, with data available at any time on our monitoring platform. Automatic alarms are also sent when predefined thresholds are exceeded, helping project engineers in decision making.