Working on our Global Expertise

In June, the commercial teams of all business units, and our solutions experts, will be gathering to spend a few days together in France. This seminar aims to bring every actor behind Sixense, closer to each other and increase our entire expertise as a global company.

Internal communication and teamwork between our offices worldwide is the key to our skillset. As we network, reconnect, catch up, and develop our relationships, we also expand our knowledge of Sixense’s solutions and our capacity to meet our clients’ needs.

These few days in the French countryside will be dedicated to learning more about what’s happening within our company, what has previously been done elsewhere, and how each of us can benefit from others’ experiences.

At Sixense, we believe that the key to successfully applying our solutions is the human factor. This is why the sharing of unique know-how, the maintenance of relationships, and the continuous improvement of our teams are a top priority.