Environmental considerations are increasingly important in addressing the challenges of urban mobility and development in the cities & transportation scetor.
Our specialists will help you anticipate, avoid and reduce the acoustic and vibratory impacts of your development projects and existing infrastructures.



Anticipate and manage impacts of your urban and territorial projects

Whether your project involves road building or guided transport, assessing and mapping of an existing transport system or understanding the sound environments of a district, city or urban conurbation: our team of specialists will help you ensure that you achieve full regulatory compliance and that your submission of documentation to the appropriate authorities is secure.

Baseline assessment

We use more than 150 dedicated noise and vibration sensors that meet the highest standards of accuracy in order to:

  • Conduct large-scale, long-term, measurement campaigns
  • Provide a highly responsive service for joint noise and vibration survey needs close to infrastructures and diagnostic investigations in neighbouring buildings

Our unique fleet of equipment – the majority of which involves the use of connected sensors – is regularly inspected and monitored to ensure that the results our clients receive are 100% reliable over continuous measurement periods ranging from a few hours to several years.

Summary of the results of the acoustic measurements

Acoustic modelling

Our modelling tools allow us to understand existing sound and vibratory environments, identify sensitive at-risk sectors and assess the changes brought about by new road or rail routes, urban redevelopment, etc.

Our software is fully compliant with the relevant standards, as well as the latest versions of the European CNOSSOS-EU regulation.

Proposing appropriate solutions

Our experts provide advice on the full range of offsetting and reduction solutions suitable for the context and environment of your project:

  • Landscaping and integration into the built environment
  • Interactions with other environmental issues to facilitate overall improvement
  • Control of investment and maintenance costs
modélisation bruit sur façade de bâtiment
Noise evolution

Supporting your projects

We specialise in supervising and supporting your teams in their interactions with third parties (local councillors, non-profit organisations and residents) to facilitate a clear understanding of the noise and vibration issues involved in your projects.

Continually trained and updated in the latest regulatory and technological advances, our recognised experts also play an active role in these changes through their involvement in:

  • The drafting of benchmark methodological guides for noise and vibration studies
  • The standardisation committees of various AFNOR-related working groups (CNEA and BNTRA)
  • Industry organisations (CINOV GIAC; SER / APREA the Institute of Acoustics and INCE) and symposia/conferences on environmental acoustics issues.

Sixense: the assurance of through-project
support and supervision

Using the recognised experience and expertise of Sixense engineers and technicians is your assurance of through-project
support and supervision by specialists in urban and transport infrastructure acoustics.

Our teams ensure that all your regulatory obligations and environmental commitments are fully complied with.