With LiDAR data acquisition and our mission is to provide you with digital inventories of your infrastructure and engineered structures, accompanied by the collaborative working tools you need to optimise the management and operation of your assets.

Your challenges, our responses

  • Inventory

The challenge: to provide you with precise knowledge of your existing assets so that you can manage them more effectively.

We combine LiDAR and imagery to accurately map your assets with topographic accuracy.


  • Safety and operation

The challenge: to minimise operationally disruptive on-site interventions.

We conduct remote surveys by helicopter, drone or road vehicle.


  • Updating and monitoring

The challenge: to maintain an up-to-date geographic database.

Our one-time database updates are made automatically.

Our solutions

Aerial mapping

Our data acquisition systems are deployed worldwide to deliver higher levels of responsiveness.

lidar embarqué
LiDAR on board the helicopter
bathymétrie + rendu
Bathymetric survey and rendering example

Terrestrial mapping

The data generated dynamically using scanners operated from a vehicle or boat allow us to provide rapid mapping of large areas and those where access is challenging.

What sets us apart distinctively from competitors

  • We develop and integrate our own data acquisition and sharing solutions to align as closely as possible with your expectations
  • Our data acquisition systems are deployed worldwide to deliver higher levels of responsiveness
  • Our experience spans the production of 1/1000 topographic drawings covering more than 2,000 km of linear infrastructure projects, LiDAR data acquisition covering more than 3,000 km of infrastructures, and mobile mapping surveys
  • Our systems use multiple sensors (RGB imaging, infrared imaging, LiDAR, GPS, thermal imaging, etc.) to deliver the most comprehensive results for every project