The Photogrammetric data acquisition and our photogrammetry services use helicopters, drones and our patented CamTree solution for confined environments.

Where required, we combine photogrammetry with LiDAR and/or scanner technologies.

Your challenges, our responses


  • Geometric + visual inventory

The challenge: to find an easily implemented, lower cost solution.

We have developed a number of drone-based mapping systems to meet growing demand for digitisation. The flexibility, low cost and high speed of this resource are combined with our image processing expertise to offer very effective alternatives to traditional topographic methods.


  • Safety

The challenge: to minimise human intervention in hostile environments.

3D photogrammetric surveying enables immersive exploration of a model reconstructed using image correlation.

Our solutions


The flexibility and speed of operation make drones particularly relevant for applications in the construction industry.

relevé par drone
Drone survey
Camtree dans les égouts
CamTree solution


CamTree is our patented solution for surveying underground networks or confined environments where operation using standard equipment (scanner or other solutions) is particularly challenging.

What sets us apart distinctively from competitors

  • Our comprehensive expertise in photogrammetric data acquisition processes has been developed on hundreds of project sites
  • The ability to transfer the field acquisition skills to our customers
  • Our commitment to continuous innovation allows us to develop tailormade solutions for your project sites