Using change detection we analyse acquisition data to detect changes that may affect the operation of your site or infrastructure.

Your challenges, our responses


  • Identifying changes

The challenge: identify to act.

Our teams use helicopters or drones to provide aerial monitoring of your installations and their environment.

The data acquired is then processed to identify actual or potential issues so that you can plan the remedial action required for optimised safe operation.

Our solutions

Flood defence monitoring

Settlement monitoring and post-disaster analysis as the basis for building an emergency plan.

rendu d'analyse de digues

Cliff monitoring

Erosion monitoring and post-flood or post-landslide analysis.

Fault detection

Optimised management of your engineered structure using remote defect detection.

Vegetation monitoring

Vegetation monitoring

Vegetation monitoring enables the scheduling of plant control operations, delivering two benefits: the ability to take action in good time, and to take action only where necessary.


What sets us apart distinctively from competitors

  • Comprehensive expertise in solutions to digitise reality, gained over more than 25 years on every type of project.
  • Our understanding of project expectations