Monitoring flood defences, rock faces and even vegetation: we develop data analytical solutions that provide you with valuable practical information to optimise site and infrastructure operation.

Your challenges, our responses

  • Controlling costs

The challenge: to optimise operations and construction/maintenance work.

Our operating assistance solutions enable you to optimise your worksites and control costs more effectively.

Our solutions

Surfacing project optimisation

Optimising your surfacing projects by calculating the precise input needs of your plant and machinery.

chnatier d'enrobé

Monitoring of earthworks

Monitoring the progress of work and archiving inventories.

Monitoring of quarries/mines

Our area/volume calculations provide valuable input for decision-making (e.g. extensions to workings) and for optimising excavations and stockpiles.

What sets us apart distinctively from competitors with our data analytical solutions

  • Our total understanding of project construction site expectations