BIM modelling of point clouds makes it possible to build comprehensive, reliable inventories of infrastructure, premises, equipment, pipelines and materials to optimise operation and maintenance.

Your challenges, our responses


  • Engineering model

The challenge: to produce reliable scenarios.

We produce 3D models that accurately represent civil engineering and equipment scenarios.
The resulting 3D model simplifies the development and deconstruction design process and delivers more reliable results.


Our solutions

Scan to BIM

Our seamless service: from scanner survey to BIM model construction.

extrait maquette BIM
BIM model based on point clouds
nuage de point
Point cloud

3D data expertise

Do you have existing point clouds, but are unsure of their quality? We can evaluate your data.

What sets us apart distinctively from competitors

  • Our ability to process and qualify point clouds, including very large volumes.
  • Our expertise in point cloud segmentation to separate building structure data from that specific to the internal framework or contents.
    This segmentation can identify misalignments and enable geometric inspections.