Rail Serenity solution is a rail track monitoring solution that enables safe, trouble-free rail traffic operations to continue during construction adjacent to or beneath the tracks.

Rail Serenity is a comprehensive rail track monitoring package providing guaranteed 24/7 monitoring and total filtering of possible false alarms.

Rail Serenity combines Cyclops automated topographic monitoring with the installation of inclinometer sensors. This combination uses measurement redundancy to provide an extremely robust monitoring solution.

Measurement data is available in real time via the Beyond Railway online platform. Smart alerts provide accurate and reliable information about the rail track movements measured.



The Rail Serenity monitoring principle

  • Displacement measurements in all three dimensions: X, Y and Z
  • Accuracy: <1mm
  • Acquisition frequency of 10 minutes + option to link the acquisition frequency to the displacements measured
  • The option of taking non-prism levelling measurements on the rail platform
  • Photography to enable visual checks of the system
  • Daily monitoring of data by our teams

The benefits of Rail Serenity

  • Guaranteed continuity of measurement regardless of weather conditions
  • Measurements taken even when trains are stationary on the tracks
  • No loss of measurement
  • Quick installation
  • Configuration of smart alarms to prevent any false alarm being transmitted
  • Less time spent on inspection by rail track personnel
  • Absolute measurements in all three dimensions: X, Y and Z

The Rail Serenity solution gives you:

  • A robust 24/7 track monitoring system with built-in redundancy
  • No false alarms
  • The opportunity to limit on-site track inspections