Tessa Wadi Dam l Tunisia

Project summary

Service provided:  Geophysical and geotechnical survey using seismic refraction
Location:  El Kef - TUNISIA
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Client:  Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture
Period of the service:  2010
Sixense solutions used: 

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Sixense carried out a geophysical survey prior to the implantation of a dam on Tessa Wadi, North of Tunisia, in the El Kef region, for the company HYDROSOL FONDATIONS.
The main objective of this construction is the irrigation of agricultural land.


In this study, Sixense had to define the site geological characteristics. Primarily the goal was to identify loose and altered formations above the limestone substratum. Seismic refraction profiles were performed. Allowing variations in velocities of compressional seismic waves (P-Waves) as a function of depth to be determined.


By correlation with geotechnical soundings carried out by HYDROSOL FONDATIONS, results from the geophysical survey established valuable additional information on the site’s geology.
Thicknesses of loose formations, above a substratum of variable nature and quality (limestone, sedimentary breccia, clay) were highlighted, along with structural features such as geological contacts, faults.
Due to the variable nature of the sounded materials, the compact substratum was not detected fully in some places. Sixense suggested realizing an additional geophysical survey using Electrical Tomography for a greater investigation depth.

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