As-Built and the models we build are precise, accurately reflect reality and are visually attractive to meet your needs for design studies or to enhance the value of your projects.

Your challenges, our responses


  • Knowledge and visualisation

The challenge: to have access to dependable, easily shared data.

The integration of digitised inventory data offers simple, immediate access to information for all authorised departments and service providers.


  • Recognising variances between models and reality

The challenge: to inspect, identify and characterise variances.

Our 3D As-Built models are so accurate we can check the variances between the actual structure and the corresponding BIM model or construction drawings.

Our solutions

Inventory, verification

Inventories of installations, verification of linear construction sites, etc.

inventiaire numérique

Ortho mapping

Whether acquired by helicopter or drone, the resulting orthoimages are cartographically accurate.

2D/3D drawings

Whether 2D or 3D, drawings are still needed for monitoring projects and construction work.

Jumeau numérique de réacteur nucléaire
As-Built Model of an Industrial Facility

As-Built models

A 3D reconstruction consistent with reality used for design studies, simulations, evacuation scenarios, and many other applications.

3D reverse engineering

3D scanning provides the bridge between reality and CAD in a context where equipment for which the drawings no longer exist must be remanufactured.

retro ingénierie
3D model of a hydraulic valve, reconstructed from the existing one
modèle 3D avec clash

Clash detection

Preparing and validating your new projects in the real-life environment.

What sets us apart distinctively from competitors

  • Our experience of using today’s most advanced modelling systems on dozens of previous projects
  • Our comprehensive knowledge of the asset types to be modelled